Affable Automation

Remaining open, friendly, and real, we explore real-life automation topics, while embracing the imperfections and complications routinely injected into the same. Avoiding technobabble, we discuss salient automation topics and the human side of engineering, especially favoring topics that invite comment and discussion. We focus primarily on manufacturing, but will also occasionally delve into seemingly unrelated yet interesting technologies, especially when the science might apply. But, we will always remain aware that it is people who make things happen, not technology.

STEM to the Core

We are already passionate about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), but what's the best way to spark that fire in the next generation? How can we help them become the innovative machine builders and control engineers of the future? "STEM to the Core" explores the initiatives and ignites the debate about how to do STEM right. Join the conversation.

Machine Interface

Machine Interface is your link to what's happening in the world of equipment automation and controls. Mike Bacidore, chief editor of Control Design, offers observations about news and events of interest to controls engineers and system integrators who build machines for discrete manufacturing. If you build it, he will want to know.

In and Out of Control

In and Out of Control will explore some of the latest happenings in the larger world of engineering science. I'll look at the worlds of process and factory automation and beyond them to see how engineering has had it's fingers in many of the most important developments in the world, both in the past and the present.

The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Ian Verhappen, a.k.a "The Great Kanduski," has 25+ years experience in instrumentation, controls and automation. He joins the editors of Control, Control Design and Industrial Networking to offer his perspectives and experiences on networks (including IP based ones), fieldbuses, wireless, and anything that has to do with field level devices (including process analysers). Much like our Industrial Networking magazine, the Great Kanduski serves the readers of Control and Control Design who are especially interested in fieldbuses, Ethernet, wireless, networking strategies and standards, and the cables, connectors, sniffers and other components that support them.