Three-Week Program for Chicago Students in Englewood Stirs Interest in STEM

While Englewood in Chicago, IL may not have the best reputation nationally, one program, SEEK, is changing that this summer.

Team "Final Cut" Slashes Competition For National Robotics League Title

NRL Program Director Maureen Carruthers boasted that the students had a great time at the competition and were introduced to the world of manufacturing in the 21st century.

Aerotech: 99 Problems But Vibration Ain't One

The fellas at Aerotech put together a rap about common motion control issues. So?  Who said motion control professionals weren't exciting?

Lego and National Instruments to Overhaul STEM Education in America

Lego invests in redesigning the STEM revolution. They have maintained a relationship with National Instruments for over 20 years with the purpose of bringing hands-on learning to children in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines and continue to push for modern learning styles.

Apple Steals Competitors' Engineers

New product development for Apple means a high-demand for engineers and managers at the plant level to continuously monitor these developments from its suppliers and manufacturers.

ASCO Numatics Scholarship Program Awards $10,000 to STEM Students

U.S. students pursuing a degree in engineering are invited to apply for this program that awards $5,000 scholarships to two students and an additional $1,000 grants to those student's college engineering departments.

4FX Design, CimQuest INGEAR Enhance FIRST Robot Competitions

In this blog entry, Rob Spiegel, senior editor of automation and control for DesignNews, discusses a fullproof system developed by 4FX Design that used alternative software solutions from CimQuest INGEAR to help students program do-it-yourself robots.

Georgia Tech Makes Human-Robot Interaction Safer

In this blog entry, Dave Greenfield, Automation World, discusses how Georgia Tech closed this gap with the development of a control system that uses sensors to detect human arm muscle movement to help robots anticipate operator movement.

January 2014 Issue Explores Evolving World of Design Collaboration Tools

Learn about design collaboration tools that enable machine builders, customers and suppliers to work together more smoothly.

Fight Product Fatigue With Condition-Based Maintenance

Learn how parts manufacturers, machine builders and control vendors are using new tools to monitor the condition of their machinery and their parts.