Machine Builder Spotlight Videos

If seeing is believing, then our spotlight series will make a witness out of you. This series of videos features controls engineers and OEMs from all over the world. 

Machine Builder Spotlight: Ixmation

M&R Printing Equipment Editor–in–chief Joe Feeley speaks with Ixmation's electrical engineering manager Jim Barry at the Assembly Technology Expo. Barry explains Ixmation's specialty machine making technology, their automation strategies and demonstrates on camera with the use of one of their custom–made machines how Ixmation's machines have different motion technology capabilities.


Machine Builder Spotlight: M&R Printing Equipment

M&R Printing Equipment Bo Biel, electronics and controls guru for screen printing machine builder M&R Printing Equipment explains the design considerations that allow M&R's Challenger Z to print more than 1,200 multi-colored tie-shirts per hour.


Machine Builder Spotlight: AGR Automation’s SmartPod

AGR Craig Dickson, operations manager, gives a hands-on demonstration of the automation and controls technology in AGR Automation's SmartPod.


Machine Builder Spotlight: Kiva Systems’ Mobile Robotic Drive Units 

Kiva Peter Blair, director of marketing and communications, and Pete Mansfield, engineering fellow, hardware systems, explain the distributed intelligence that makes Kiva Systems’ pick–pack–ship solution an empowered material–handling device.


Machine Builder Spotlight: Jobs' LinX Milling Machine

Jobs Antonio Dordoni, sales & marketing director at Italian milling machine builder, Jobs, explains the reasons behind including linear motors on the x, y and z axes on its LinX machines.


Machine Builder Spotlight: FKI Logistex

Logistex Interview with FKI Logistex VP - Machine Products Frank Pellegrino and Product Manager - Palletizing Systems Pat O'Connor at Pack Expo 2007 in Las Vegas. It shows a hands-on demonstration of FKI Logistex's robotic palletizer and an explanation of its controls and automation.
Video duration: Approximately 7 minutes


Machine Builder Spotlight: Hutt Assembly Systems

Hutt Interview with Hutt President Rudi Hutt at the 2007 Assembly Show in Chicago. It shows a hands-on example of Hutt's basic assembly machine and an explanation of its controls and automation.
Video duration: Approximately 5 minutes


Vendor Machine Builder Spotlight

R&B Plastics: Plastics Blow-Molding OEM Uses Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture to Achieve Parison Control System

R&B Plastics

Serving customers in a variety of plastics industries, including consumer packaged goods, chemical, automotive and dairy, R&B Plastics Machinery in Saline, Mich., provides customers with solutions for machine, mold, trimming and tooling systems. This machine builder focuses on continuous extrusion blow-molding and offers a wide selection of custom options that help its customers secure a competitive advantage.

R&B Plastics sought flexibility for its blow-molding machines via programmable automation controllers to accommodate quick product changeovers, ease of use – from a single integrated control and information platform, and reliable and ongoing support from global distributors to help customers reduce the risk of downtime. R&B Plastics also works with Rockwell Automation to offer users scalable solutions for parison-control retrofits. This approach leaves all other machine control systems in place.

Design Tools Help Water/Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer Enhance Machine Performance and Reduce Engineering Costs

Design Tools from Rockwell Automation Since 1978, Meurer Research Inc. in Golden, Colo., has researched, developed and manufactured water and wastewater treatment systems used by municipalities around the world. Among MRI's most successful products are plate settlers, which are used in water and wastewater treatment plants as a method of pretreatment before the water enters the membrane filtration system. By separating and removing heavy solids that can clog filters, the plate settlers help extend membrane life, minimize cleaning requirements and reduce operating costs. To help ensure these systems deliver maximum reliability, MRI sought to redesign and upgrade the control equipment on one of its 10 pilot units. The control system previously employed on the pilot unit included a mix of control products from multiple vendors, which hindered interoperability and limited connectivity between all of the automation equipment on a given machine. MRI worked with Rockwell Automation to ease the integration of components by working with a single-source supplier that could provide a control system easily integrated as a unified and more reliable system. In addition to improving reliability, performance and ease of use, MRI also wanted to equip the system with remote-monitoring capabilities. This would allow MRI to evaluate system performance and troubleshoot problems without traveling to the test site