15 Years of Control Design: Flashback 1997-2012 - July

As Control Design celebrates its 15th anniversary, each month we bring you a look back at some of the events and developments that shaped technology during that time. In July, astronomers discovered a new planet, doctors achieved the world's first artificial organ transplant and Intel introduced its Core 2 Duo microprocessors.


July 4, 1997: NASA's Pathfinder mission made a successful landing, and the first autonomous robotics system, Sojourner, was deployed on the surface of Mars.




July 28, 1998: The United Auto Workers union ended a 54-day strike against General Motors. The strike caused $2.8 billion in lost revenues.



July 7, 2000: Cisco Systems announced that it would buy Netiverse for $210 million in stock, making the company its 13th acquisition that year alone.



July 29, 2005: Astronomers announced that they had discovered a new planet larger than Pluto in orbit around the sun.



July 27, 2006: Intel introduced its Core 2 Duo microprocessors.


July 8, 2010: The Solar Impulse completed the first 24-hour flight by a solar-powered plane.


  July 7, 2011: Doctors achieved the world's first artificial organ transplant—an artificial windpipe coated with stem cells.

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