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B&R Industrial Automation combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide customers in virtually every industry with complete solutions for machine and process automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology. Through the use of industrial fieldbus communication standards like POWERLINK and openSAFETY as well as the powerful Automation Studio software development environment, B&R is constantly redefining the future of automation engineering. We believe in open automation technologies that make machine operation simple and transparent.

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Kinsley debuts swing divider with stacked screws
Need to divide into 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lanes? It's no problem with Kinsley's new swing divider. Dual-drive servos and controls from B&R make it easy to set up, compact, flexible and maintainable.


FLOW International - Automated by B&R
Tim Fabian, Global Products, Flow International talks about the advantages of using B&R solutions.


Increased productivity for solar cell testing
The Schiller Automation TS 3600 is a high performance test and sortation system for solar cells. As its name implies, it is capable of testing 3,600 cells per hour, using robotics and a machine automation system from B&R for increased productivity and low TCO.


SPS/IPC/Drives Fair sets the stage for controls innovation
It's been many years since the iconic National Manufacturing Week took place in the US. And if you've been to any recent automation events in North America, you've likely been underwhelmed. The innovations are out there, there just doesn't seem to be a dynamic venue here like there is in Europe -- the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair that takes place in Nuremberg each November. SPS is the German acronym for PLC, IPC stands for industrial PCs of course, and we all know about drives, a.k.a. motion control.

This video gives an impression of innovations introduced by Automation Strategies sponsor B&R Industrial Automation at this important event. You'll see a booth packed with visitors and allusions to powerful new robotic, multi-touch HMI, PC, integrated motor/drive, networked safety and the Automation Studio software development suite.


Energy efficient all-electric blow molding machines
Uniloy Milacron's UMS 200 EZ D double station machine produces containers up to 4-liter capacity, with view stripes, at a rate of 620 bottles per hour and a cycle time of approximately 22 seconds.

Part of the EnergiaZero line of fully electric machines, it has very low power consumption thanks to a highly efficient toggle clamping system and the replacement of all hydraulic components with scalable, high-performance electric controls. For example, energy is recovered by the clamping system during braking.

For such sophisticated all-electric molding machines, drives and PLCs play critical roles, so Uniloy Milacron has relied on the full range of B&R automation technology since 2003.


New waterjet cutter is flagship for industry leader
Flow International invented waterjet cutting and is the world leader with over 12,000 installations in over 60 countries. The new Flow Mach 4C is their flagship system, designed to be the most accurate and easy to use waterjet for fast ROI in high productivity shops.

Flow has standardized on B&R's software development tool, Automation Studio, along with CNC, motion, I/O and safety technologies from B&R. Flow International's manager of global products, Tim Fabian, cites B&R's global support and collaborative engineering co-development as the basis for their ongoing partnership.


World record application in linear motion

On the LISIM® lines produced by Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, over 700 clips pull the plastic film through the machine and simultaneously stretch the material in the machine and cross-machine directions. The clips are pulled by a magnetic field like the railway cars on a magnetic levitation train. Linear motors with 728 windings generate the moving magnetic field that makes this possible. Since recently, motion control is handled by drives from B&R's ACOPOS series, which are synchronized via POWERLINK. With the transition to B&R technology, the Chiemgau-based machine manufacturer was able to reduce the cost of the drive equipment, significantly shorten the cycle time, simplify maintenance of the hardware and software and replace proprietary drive and bus technology with an off-the-shelf solution.

Pioneering a new era of paperboard production

The American machine manufacturer MarquipWardUnited is in the market of providing fully servo-driven finishing machines with their high-end rotary die cutter, ServoGrafix. The leading American manufacturer of machinery for producing and processing corrugated paperboard has developed a completely new innovation, which combines particularly robust American machine construction with a complete state-of-the-art automation solution from B&R.

Fully automated CNC material handling solution

A CNC machining center is designed to be a flexible industrial machining solution that allows its operator to create a three-dimensional finished part out of anything they can draw on a computer utilizing a variety of materials. C.R. Onsrud and B&R have teamed up to develop a high quality, cost effective, and easy-to-use CNC machining center that offers an additional fully automated material handling solution.

Breaking the mold

Krones AG recently shook up the bottling market with a newly developed PET stretch blow molding machine. The third generation of the Contiform series features astounding production output, increased precision and freedom in the stretch-forming process, all while still reducing power consumption significantly. The bottling specialist achieved this development leap by switching from pneumatic and belt drives to an electric direct drive solution and an integrated drive solution based on B&R technology. In anticipation of the projected demand, Krones has implemented assembly line production for the new Contiform machines – an absolute first in the company's history.


What could you do with…
…the most powerful industrial PC…
…and a giant multi-touch tablet?

There's nothing wrong with the same old operator interfaces, there's just so much more productivity possible by ruggedizing the latest innovations in mainstream computing. First it was multi-touch panels capable of running Windows™ 8 based applications, first seen at PACK EXPO, IMTS and SPS/IPC/Drives shows last fall. Now it's the next generation of industrial PC, with the latest Intel® processors powering them. Here's what Intel has to say about it.

Multi-Touch Panels

Next Generation of Industrial PC

The Convergence eBook: The future of industrial automation

A key change in developed markets is the demographics of the industrial automation user. What is happening to the generation that grew up in North America with purpose-built PLCs, ladder logic, vendor-driven device buses and limited human-machine interface graphics? They’re starting to retire, and they are being supplanted by a polarized work force consisting of computer scientists applying automation technologies on the one hand, and a perennially under-educated labor pool operating the machinery on the other. Download eBook

Packaging Machinery Automation Playbook

This 85-page multi-media packaging automation 'Playbook' is your guide on how to use machine automation to save costs and improve efficiencies. Topics covered include trends in packaging, universal specifications, OEE calculations, capital project justification, networked safety, and on-machine help systems. Download playbook

PackML + PackSpec = packaging's future

A joint meeting of the Organization for Machine Automation & Control's PackML and PackSpec committees recently took place in Atlanta. It included a workshop moderated by OMAC board member, P&G's Dan Amundson. The goal of the meeting was for the PackSpec group to harmonize its specification document with PackML revisions to make it easier to implement and benefit from, and to develop a universal controls specification for packaging machinery based on OMAC Packaging Guidelines.

OMAC is the global organization for automation and manufacturing professionals that is dedicated to supporting the machine automation and operational needs of manufacturing. Currently it operates three Working Groups: Packaging Machinery, Manufacturing Infrastructure, and Machine Tool.

Ending the "fieldbus wars" with openSAFETY

Maurizio Tarozzi, Global Technology Manager for Packaging Solutions at B&R, explained how openSAFETY, the first open and the only bus-independent safety standard for all Industrial Ethernet solutions, can take packaging line integration and effectiveness a step further. Presenting a case study featuring a complete beverage line for filling water into plastic bottles, Tarozzi illustrated how openSAFETY is able to transfer safety data such as E-stop button activation, light curtain violations, etc. between disparate PLC technologies used throughout a single packaging line.

"Safety networks can provide a new level of integrated safety and diagnostics," pointed out Griffen in the Q&A session that followed. However, with industrial bus organizations each proposing their own safety network, Griffen sees openSAFETY – an IEC-compliant protocol that can run on the application layer of any major network – as a potential solution to what has been dubbed round two of the "fieldbus wars" of the 1990's. For more information, click here.


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