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MOXA focuses on creating data networking products that provide system integrators and end-users with reliable and cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet, industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless, and embedded computer solutions. MOXA's product lines include multiport serial boards, serial device servers, industrial Ethernet switches, video over IP servers, Wi-Fi access points, and cellular modems. Moxa's customers come from a wide spectrum of business fields and endeavors, including industrial automation, POS/retail, telecommunications, financial services, security systems, traffic automation, and building automation.


Featured Product

IKS-6728-4GTXSFP Series

IKS-6728-4GTXSFP Series

24+2G/24+4G-port modular managed Ethernet switches

The IKS-6728's Gigabit and fast Ethernet backbone, redundant ring, and 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VAC dual isolated redundant power supplies increase the reliability of your communications and save on cabling and wiring costs. The modular design of the IKS-6726/6728 also makes network planning easy, and allows greater flexibility by letting you install up to 4 Gigabit ports and 24 fast Ethernet ports.

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Featured Product

MGate 5101-PBM-MN Series

MGate 5101-PBM-MN Series

1 and 2-port advanced serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways

The MGate 5101-PBM-MN gateway provides a communication portal between PROFIBUS devices and Modbus TCP hosts. All models are protected with a rugged metallic casing, DIN-rail mountable, and offer optional built-in optical isolation. The rugged design is suitable for industrial applications such as oil/gas, power, process automation and factory automation.

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Featured Application

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

This ITS Success Stories download includes six proven case studies in using Moxa's edge-to-core solutions to provide non-stop traffic safety. The six following real-world cases are:

  • Extending road safety an 80-million-resident province in China
  • A Gigabit fiber network for the third-largest U.S. interstate highway
  • PoE-enabled city video surveillance for the "Safe City" program in China
  • Critical traffic control for the world's fifth-longest tunnel in Taiwan
  • Gigabit PoE for IP-based video infrastructure in Italy
  • Advanced bus security with 300 Mbps for wireless HD video transmission in the USA


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White Papers


Expert Tips for Planning an Industrial Wireless Network

Wi-Fi is now present everywhere and people have become comfortable using it for just about any application. For example, many systems designers are choosing to move their industrial applications from wired Ethernet to wireless utilizing Wi-Fi. The advantages of moving to a wireless design are numerous. Wireless allows for client devices to be located in difficult to reach areas, and it saves on installation and wiring costs in remote locations. The benefit of not having to re-wire your plant infrastructure when relocating machines on the plant floor is yet another advantage.

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Five Future Challenges for Industrial Ethernet Switches

The benefits of IP convergence, such as enhanced efficiency, improved manageability, and lower total cost of ownership, have long been the driving force behind the impressive growth in the number of industrial Ethernet deployments for supervisory and control-level applications. This paper will discuss how future industrial Ethernet networks can introduce new challenges for industrial switch reliability, bandwidth availability, switch security, switch manageability and network redundancy.

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Building the Industrial Cloud: The Immediate Future of M2M Technology

In 2013, substantial steps towards building the Internet of Things at last began to materialize. Software automations, hardware optimizations, and integrated platforms that fully exploit the convergence of industrial networks and machine-to-machine networks are examined closely here, to give IA and IT engineers a better idea of what challenges and obstacles they should be preparing for at the dawn of this new technological epoch. In this white paper, Moxa examines the sorts of technology industrial networks will be relying on as they begin to build and deploy machine-to-machine networks.

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Industrial Networking Security Best Practices

Protecting network-enabled industrial control systems from both external and internal threats is critical to preventing costly intellectual property theft and ensuring cybersecurity. In this white paper, we discuss five major categories of hacking afflicting today’s industrial control systems, and identify some simple hardware devices and settings that can help protect against these threats.

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Insider Tips for Optimized Industrial Gateway Performance and Management

To optimize production and operational cost, more and more operators are using industrial gateways to integrate field devices into the popular Modbus TCP protocol. In this article, we provide "insider tips" that can be used to optimize the integration of multiple intelligent devices, as well as improve the performance and management of the devices.

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A New Chapter in the Legacy of RS-485 Data Acquisition Devices

Two commonly adopted communication interfaces used in data acquisition and control systems are RS-485 and Ethernet. This white paper provides insight into the future of RS-485 data acquisition devices, and how Moxa is adding a new chapter to the legacy of RS-485 data acquisition devices.

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Reliable Networks, Sincere Service

An overall look at the Moxa devices that can make your industrial networks smarter, more reliable, faster and more secure. Moxa has over 25 years of experience in communications hardware and offers some of the world's toughest and most reliable networking devices. 

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Video Replay of Network Logs with MXview

This demo shows how to watch a video replay of historical network logs by using the "Event Playback" function, a new feature in the MXview industrial management software. Unlike most network management solutions, MXview is specifically tailored for industrial networks and presents network status information in a context that's appropriate for industrial operators. 

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