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Moxa offers a wide range of industrial computers equipped with industrial-grade hardware design and Rcore Ready-to-Run software, perfect for industrial applications such as renewable energy, ITS, and power. Moxa's comprehensive solutions, which integrates both hardware and software, delivers exceptional value and performance.

The high-reliability and stability of Moxa's embedded computers offer our customers a unique edge over the competion. Moxa's Rcore embedded software platform further hones your competitiveness with a faster time-to-market for your embedded computing systems. The Rcore software platform turbo charges system deployment at all tiers of project development by providing a suite of useful benefits that include:

  • Easy-to-use application libraries
  • Proven and bug-free sample code
  • Consulting-level advice for application development
  • Fast concept validation and development cycle

Featured Product


W406 Series

RISC-based wireless embedded computer with GSM/GPRS/EDGE

The W406 comes pre-installed with either Linux or WinCE 6.0, and offers a reliable and powerful computing platform for industrial environments. It features 2 software selectable RS-232/422/485 ports, 1 Ethernet port, and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/850/1900 MHz for cellular communication. The W406 also comes with an SD socket, USB host, and 4 digital input and 4 digital output channels.

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Featured Product


W321 Series

RISC-based embedded Linux computers with WLAN, LAN, and 2 serial ports

The W321's Linux OS runs on the MOXA ART 32-bit ARM9 processor and is ideal for a variety of machine-to-machine applications, including data acquisition, protocol conversion, and remote device control and monitoring.

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Featured Product


UC-8481 Series

RISC-based mobile Linux computer with cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS modules

The UC-8481 is a convenient cornerstone for customizing intelligent, cost-effective wireless communication platforms. This powerful computing engine supports several useful communication functions and comes with seven connectors that allow users to connect various wireless and GPS modules. The UC-8481 is an optimal solution for industrial applications, allowing ample customization with minimal cost and effort.

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Featured Product


UC-7112 Series

Mini RISC-based ready-to-run computer with 2 serial ports, dual LANs, SD

The pre-installed μClinux operating system provides an open software operating system for software program development. This means that software written for desktop PCs can be easily ported to UC-7112 with a GNU cross complier, so that you will not need to spend time modifying existing software code. The operating system, device drivers, and your own software can all be stored in the UC-7112's flash memory.

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Featured Application

Moxa Industrial Wireless Embedded Computer

Automatic Meter Reading

Moxa's W406 RISC-based wireless embedded computer provides a sophisticated wireless M2M solution for distributed Modbus meters and RTU devices. The W406 networks Modbus meters and RTU devices with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols via GSM/GPRS/EDGE or Ethernet to Modbus TCP, and can connect an unlimited number of serial slaves to an IP network. With built-in protocol conversion functionality, the W406 can serve as both serial master and slave, and the built-in IPSec and encrypted wireless machine to machine communications ensure the security of your communications.

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Featured Content

Reliable Networks, Sincere Service

Reliable Networks, Sincere Service

An overall look at the Moxa devices that can make your industrial networks smarter, more reliable, faster and more secure. Moxa has over 25 years of experience in communications hardware and offers some of the world's toughest and most reliable networking devices.

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Moxa Device Manager (MDM) Remote Software Tool

2-minute Solution Video: Moxa Device Manager (MDM) Remote Software Tool

Using the MDM API, developers can quickly write code to remotely manage Moxa embedded computers. The API provides users a no-hassle method to access system information, handle process management, and deal with shell execution.

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Moxa Industrial Computing Catalog

Moxa Industrial Computing Catalog

The Moxa Computing Catalog contains detailed specs, ordering information, and application stories for Moxa's top selling industrial computers.

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Eliminate Software Disasters with a Self-Repairing OS

Without software, computers are useless. Unfortunately, the more functional software gets the more complex it is, and the chance it will eventually encounter a crash increases in step. This white paper shows how just how easily an automated software recovery system can be implemented by exploring how it is designed and operates.

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Defeating Extreme Cold with an Intelligent Heating Solution

Industrial field sites in the petroleum industry are more and more often in remote, distant places exposed to the most extreme cold the earth has to offer, and the computer systems which serve them must be capable of reliably tolerating these extreme environments. Unfortunately, industrial-grade panel PCs that are used in extremely low temperatures will typically have serious problems.

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Intelligent Automation for the Maintenance and Recovery of Software Platforms

Computing platforms inevitably suffer from corruptions that creep into the operating system, or elsewhere into the software platform. It is possible to reinstall individual applications or the operating system, but such remedies are slow and expensive both in terms of money and downtime. In this white paper we describe for you what the key scenarios a suitably smart, automated software platform recovery tool must rectify, and describe the technology needed to produce it.

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Embedded Computing for Industrial Applications

There are two main advantages to using embedded computers. The first is a big reduction in cost. The second is that they are easy to deploy. In this white paper, learn how, when and why embedded computers can save money, time and provide an efficient environment for your industrial application.

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