R. Stahl HMI Systems' Explosion-Protected Touchscreen Panel PCs

Open HMI explosion-protected touchscreen panel PCs with Intel Atom series CPUs operate at full performance to 50 °C. The system can even briefly tolerate peaks of up to 55 °C. The series is certified for gas and dust zones 1, 21, 2 and 22. The closed housing contains modules with separate explosion protection that can be replaced individually if required, and are available up to a 24 in. wide-screen format with full HD resolution.

Company Information

    R. Stahl HMI Systems GmbH

  • 9001 Knight Rd.
  • Houston, TX 77054 (see map)
  • Phone: (800) 782-4357
  • Fax: (713) 797-0105
  • Website: www.rstahl.com