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IDEC Safety Devices

safety devices, including push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches and ammeters, are fully sealed to prevent the release of sufficient electrical energy that could ignite explosive gases or particles in the environment for which they are rated

Category: Machine Safety


Cardinal Scale Mfg. DIN Rail Weight Transmitter with PLC Connectivity

Weight transmitter is designed for process control-based static and dynamic weighing applications ColorZone Process variables

Category: Measurement and Sensing

Product Type: Process Variables

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company

Festo Heavy-Duty Electric Cylinder

Heavy-duty electric cylinder can generate almost 2 tons (17,000 N) of feed force

Category: Motion Components

Product Type: Ball Screw


GE Measurement & Control Software Enhancement Modules

Software enhancement module packages offer performance enhancements for existing Mark VIe controls systems as well as retrofits and migrations

Category: Software

Product Type: Machine Control

GE Measurement & Control Solutions

Leine & Linde Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are available with Optolink to transmit encoder position data using fiber optics.

Category: Measurement and Sensing

Product Type: Presence/Position Sensing

Leine & Linde

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Relay System

PLC Logic system combines basic programmable logic capability with PLC relays, creating a “smart” relay system

Category: Controllers

Product Type: Relay

Phoenix Contact

Pittman Motors Optical Incremental Encoders

Optical incremental encoders are small-diameter and low-profile devices that offer high resolutions and multichannel outputs

Category: Measurement and Sensing

Product Type: Presence/Position Sensing

Pittman Motors

TDK-Lambda Triple-Output Power Supplies

Low-profile, triple-output power supplies are 1.06 in tall and are suitable for industrial, broadcast and test and measurement applications

Category: Power Distribution

Product Type: Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda Americas

Turck Overmolded Connectors

Connectors for the mobile equipment industry are designed for demanding environments in which shock, vibration, cold temperature, moisture and oils can affect performance

Category: Connectivity

Product Type: Industrial Cordsets/Connectors


Fairview Microwave RF Isolators and Circulators

Two-port RF isolators are passive ferrite devices that aid in protecting sensitive RF components from excessive power reflection.

Category: Industrial Networks

Fairview Microwave

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Displaying 1-10 of 3994 results