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Fairview Microwave RF Isolators and Circulators

Two-port RF isolators are passive ferrite devices that aid in protecting sensitive RF components from excessive power reflection.

Category: Industrial Networks

Fairview Microwave

TDK-Lambda Triple-Output Power Supplies

Low-profile, triple-output power supplies are 1.06 in tall and are suitable for industrial, broadcast and test and measurement applications

Category: Power Distribution

Product Type: Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda Americas

Turck Overmolded Connectors

Connectors for the mobile equipment industry are designed for demanding environments in which shock, vibration, cold temperature, moisture and oils can affect performance

Category: Connectivity

Product Type: Industrial Cordsets/Connectors


Leine & Linde Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are available with Optolink to transmit encoder position data using fiber optics.

Category: Measurement and Sensing

Product Type: Presence/Position Sensing

Leine & Linde

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Relay System

PLC Logic system combines basic programmable logic capability with PLC relays, creating a “smart” relay system

Category: Controllers

Product Type: Relay

Phoenix Contact

Heidenhain Servo Motors

Servo motors offer stall torque of 85 Nm and 120 Nm

Category: Motor-Industrial Electric

Product Type: Servo/Stepper/Linear


Eplan Design Space Exchange

Eplan Design Space Exchange (DSE) supports interdisciplinary data exchange between mechanical construction and control system technology in control cabinet and switchgear construction.

Category: Software

Product Type: Simulation/Virtual prototyping

EPLAN Software and Services

Red Lion Controls Industrial Switch Platform

Managed Gigabit Ethernet industrial switch platform now has compact DIN-rail mountable switches

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Routers/Hubs/Switches

Red Lion Controls

B&R Industrial Automation FTP Access Management

Controllers have an FTP server as a standard feature

Category: Controllers

Product Type: Embedded/FPGA

B&R Industrial Automation

Festo Belt Drive

next-generation belt drive is available in three sizes and two styles of guides

Category: Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric

Product Type: Drives/Inverters


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Displaying 1-10 of 3024 results