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Bell-Everman SLS Line of Ball Screw and Linear Motor-Driven Sealed Motion Stages

SLS line of ball screw and linear motor-driven sealed motion stages feature a lip seal design that prevents contaminants from entering the internal drive and bearing components.

Category: Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric

Product Type: Servo/Stepper/Linear


EIC Solutions Protector Prepackaged Enclosures for Sensitive Electronic and ...

Protector prepackaged enclosures for sensitive electronic and electrical equipment combine the company's standard cabinet sizes with its thermoelectric coolers.

Category: Industrial Enclosure

Product Type: Metallic

EIC Solutions

Posital-Fraba IP69K-Rated Ixarc Incremental Magnetic Encoders

IP69K-rated Ixarc incremental magnetic encoders have advanced signal-processing software running on 32-bit microprocessors, and come in thousands of configurations with HTL or TTL interfaces, different electrical connectors and a range of shaft and flange diameters.

Category: Connectivity

Product Type: Industrial Cordsets/Connectors


Cognex DataMan 5.2 Software

DataMan 5.2 software features tuning and scripting capability and a test mode for DataMan 300 and 503 barcode readers. The software boosts read rates by decoding lower resolution 1D bar codes and using intelligent tuning capabilities for barcode languages, including Aztec, MaxiCode and PDF417.

Category: Software

Product Type: PLC Programming


Applied Motion Products BL Series Brushless DC Motors

BL series brushless dc motors for speed-control applications include six 57-mm and 80-mm motors, ranging from 60 to 300 W with continuous torques of 21 to 102 oz-in.

Category: Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric

Product Type: DC Motors

Applied Motion Products

MatrikonOPC Industrial Data Logger

Industrial data logger provides connectivity to many protocols and devices, and has on-board data collection and intelligent data forwarding in one box. It connects securely to a centralized historian, and can transfer data in low-bandwidth or unreliable network conditions.

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Wireless Components


Omron Automation and Safety NX Series Safety Controllers

NX Series safety controllers work with the company’s NX I/O system and NJ machine controller, and on an EtherCAT network, letting machine builders develop safety, logic, motion and vision in one software programming environment.

Category: Machine Safety

Product Type: Programmable Safety Controller

Omron Automation and Safety

Sealevel Systems SeaRAQ Model 8520 and Model 8521 I/O Expansion Boards

SeaRAQ model 8520 and model 8521 I/O expansion boards for Relio R3 rack-mount industrial computers are isolated to prevent damage from harmful surges and ground loops.

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Wired Components

Sealevel Systems

Festo MTR-ECI Motors

MTR-ECI motors for applications involving the automatic adjustment of print heads, conveyor guides and hard stops in volumetric filling machines eliminate the need for an operator to manually intervene for changes in production.

Category: Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric


Servotronix Motion Control LVD Sercos III Servo Drive

LVD Sercos III servo drive for small brushless, stepper or brushed dc motors in low-voltage (15-48 Vdc) bus servo motion applications provides fast, multi-axis control with full support of Sercos III.

Category: Motor-Industrial Electric

Product Type: Drives/Inverters


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Displaying 1-10 of 2731 results