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Detour to Machine Builder City

Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing & Technology Expo, a One-Day Event, is Now Two Years Old With 90 Exhibiting Companies,1,000 Visitors And Is as Big as Some Tradeshows Covering far Larger Regions

By Jim Montague

I really need to be more careful driving because I can't help seeing interesting stuff. And my smartphone doesn't help because now I can take pictures of everything. Well, at least I stop before snapping—most of the time.

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Emag Migrates From Large, Custom-Built Equipment to Smaller, More Flexible, Standard-Concept Machining Centers


Remote Machine Support Must Be Everywhere

Remote monitoring, analysis, support and control is getting more routine and secure, more comprehensive in its scope and capabilities, and may even gather enough data to improve machine designs


Remote Machine Support Must Be Everywhere

Remote Monitoring, Analysis, Support and Control Is Getting More Routine and Secure, More Comprehensive in its Scope and Capabilities, and May Even Gather Enough Data to Improve Machine Designs


Internet Security Details in the Machine Building World

Today's Machine Builder Has a Powerful Role to Play in Protecting the Customer Networks to Which It Connects


Say Good-Bye to Industrial Networking

End of Useful Life: Say Good-Bye to Industrial Networking, But the Basic Job of Cutting Through the Hype and Nonsense Remains


Industrial Partners Plunge Into 3D Printing

Cincinnati, Oak Ridge National Lab and University of Tennessee Students Print 3D Car Parts for Local Motors at IMTS 2014


Real Machine Safety Applications in the Spooky Garage

It's Been Helpful to Be Reminded that Machine Safety's Best Principles Can be Usefully Employed in Situations Beyond the Plant Floor


Put Industrial Printers to the Metal

EOS Direct-Metal, Laser-Sintering Systems' Micro-Welding Process Produces Industrial-Grade Parts in an Expanding Variety of Alloys


STEM Students Find the Right Path After College

The Remaining Challenge is How to Bring Engineers and Other Technical Professionals into Their Local Schools


High-End Protection for Low Power

Traditional Breakers Can Monitor for Short Circuits or Over-Current Conditions, But Not Both.


Infographic: The Baby Boomers Are all Reaching Retirement Age, What Happens Next?

This new infographic provides insight on which skilled trade jobs will feel the most impact from baby boomer retirement and how to ensure these gaps are filled.


Lightened Loads for Diverse Automation Users

Fori Automation's AGVs and Integrated Systems Meet Automotive, Aerospace and Other Requirements With Care and Global Planning


Servos Are Fun to Say and Are Useful For Most Automation Applications

Using Servos Enabled Maplan to Adapt its Pump Activity and Motor Speed to How Much Power was Actually Required to Perform its Rubber Injection Molding and Save that 70% on its Drive-Side Power, Change Oil Less Often, Reduce Water Consumption and Cut its Overall Energy Costs in Half


Step-by-Step to Wireless Benefits in Machine and Production Processes

Performing a Comprehensive Site Survey is Crucial. No Wireless System Should Be Installed Without One


Happier Together: Process Meets Discrete Networking

Process and Discrete Applications and Their Traditionally Distinct Networks Come Together With the Help of Distributed Intelligence, Ethernet and Related Tools


Automation's Got Talent: STEM Programs Supply Rookie Engineers to Replace Retiring Veterans

Some Colleges and Companies are Coordinating Their Efforts to Refine Curricula and Focus More Effectively on Getting the Best and Most Needed Skills Instilled in Students Quickly


Presence Sensors Travel into New Automation Applications

Even though new markets and applications are emerging, Will Healy, strategic marketing manager at Balluff, reports that new and existing users still share something in common—they all want lower-cost sensors with more features in smaller sizes.


Hydroforming For Machine Builders Gets 21st-Century Makeover

Beckwood Press Uses Modern Controls, Hydraulics, Design Software and 3D Printed Tooling to Slash Part Development Time and Costs


The Kids Are All Right: Producing Rookie Engineers From STEM Programs

This Month's "Automation's Got Talent" Cover Article Discussed How STEM Programs Are Beginning to Produce the Rookie Engineers, Technicians and Operators Needed to Replace Their Veteran and Rapidly Retiring Counterparts


Hands-On Learning in Engineering Disciplines Makes Senses

It's Intuitive That Hands-On Experience is More Meaningful, But What Makes it So? It's Probably Because More of Our Physical Senses Are Involved