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  • When a PLC isn't enough

    Platform enables traditional automation to co-exist with high speed data logging and analysis

    Robert Hoffman, Signal.X Technologies
  • Pneumatic devices smarten up

    Intelligent cylinders, valves and actuators could make pneumatics even more popular in factory automation

    Mike Bacidore
  • More exploits: the great PLC hack

    Vulnerabilities of industrial control systems

    Siv Hilde Houmb, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); and Erik David Martin, Noroff Education
  • Can you start an OEM?

    A great idea may help to sell the first unit, but it can be a perilous road without the resources and design to smooth out the ride

    Dave Perkon, technical editor
  • A proper motor load and speed

    A system level approach will find that motor and drive selection is based on both motor load demands and the ability to change speed if possible

    Dave Perkon, technical editor
  • A customer's view of online ordering

    Despite all the Internet has to offer, online ordering will need some improvements to offer a better purchasing solution than a detailed parts list attached to a purchase-order email

    Gary H. Lucas, director of design and innovation at Innovative Treatment Products
  • Encoders: the pulse of motion

    The tried-and-true method of measuring distance and speed of rotary and linear motion requires an understanding of encoders

    Tom Stevic, contributing editor
  • Just do it differently

    When conventional methods don’t work, change things up and try something new

    Jeremy Pollard, CET
  • Terminate the rat’s nest

    For those who think it's okay to open a control enclosure and see a monochromatic rats nest of wires without any wire labels, you should be aware, that's worst-case practice

    Dave Perkon, technical editor
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