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  • Reliability in Control Software

    Can You Count on Your Mission-Critical Software? Operator Safety, Product Quality Depend on It

    Dr. William Goble, Exida
  • Machine vision and industrial robots

    While robotic assembly applications have increased in both number and complexity over the years, a large number of applications have been passed over due to technology.

  • Getting on the same page

    OEMs are ready for another try at a consortium approach to line process integration, and control system designs that maximize machine speed and flexibility are only the first part of the challenge.

  • FactoryLAN security

    Editor in Chief Joe Feeley takes on the issue of control systems and enterprise network integration and says that whatever you do, don’t make network security another layer of confusing bureaucracy.

  • 2004 Readers' Choice Awards: Top Picks of the Factory Automation Industry

    Tap into the collective mindset of CONTROL DESIGN readers to learn which machine control design system vendors won the annual 2004 Readers' Choice Awards for the best values in machine automation technology, and which product suppliers to the machine building industry offer the best customer service and support.

  • Results of the 2004 CONTROL DESIGN Annual Salary and State-of-Mind Survey

    Readers of CONTROL DESIGN offer a snapshot of their financial and professional lives in the 2004 Annual Salary and State-of-Mind Survey. Find out how you compare with a diverse group of industry respondents when it comes to salary compensation, job security, hours worked, and annual bonuses received. To take this year's salary survey, click the link above.

  • Books for success in the automation, instrumentation and controls industry

    Covering the world of automation, instrumentation and control, these industry books available from ISA are authoritative, thorough, and written and reviewed by experts. See the extensive array of books selected by our Editors and available through ControlDesign.com that are designed to help students, professionals and practitioners succeed with today's automation challenges.

  • Researchers create more human-like robots

    Purdue University is leading a four-year project to enable humanoid robots to move more like people in order to complete a variety of tasks they weren't specifically programmed to perform.

  • Leery of Linux

    Would you use Linux for your machine control OS? Read what responders wrote in the Control Design Web Poll.

  • Bus-based standards benefit future systems

    Read how the new IEEE-1588 protocol for distributed measurement and control systems will allow next-generation vision systems to benefit from the new standard with a higher degree of accuracy and precision.

  • Control Your Programming Language

    IEC 61131-3 Is Intended to Create Commonality in the Programming of Industrial Controllers by 'Harmonizing' the Programming Interface

    Joe Feeley, Editor in Chief
  • Is thin-client the answer?

    In this installment of The Answer to Your Problems, CONTROL DESIGN readers weigh in on whether to take a thin-client approach as an alternative to other workstations in a harsh manufacturing environment.

  • Build a safer machine block by block

    The concept of safety implementation in function blocks isn't new, but according to industry writer and CONTROL DESIGN contributor Mark Lamendola, its actual use in machine automation is hard to find.

  • Gearing up for high-volume automotive parts

    For a versatile, high-performance solution to producing large quantities, this automotive parts manufacturer made the decision to purchase CNC rotary transfer machines over hydraulic machines..

  • The measure of success

    More than a decade ago, CONTROL DESIGN columnist Jeremy Pollard predicted that in five years, 40% of all control and automation projects would be done with PC-based control. Seems he was wrong.

    Jeremy Pollard, CET
  • A peek at tomorrow's machine vision

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert puts forth the idea that future vision systems should be organic, invisible parts of the control loop and operation of the machine, and not just an add-on at a later time.

    Dan Hebert, Senior Technical Editor
  • Pitching control

    Rockwell Automation CEO Keith Nosbusch has no problem with pitching control as he takes to the mound on the subject of what makes factories hum in this article from Forbes.com. (Free registration may be required)

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