Industrial Sensors: Still Behind the Times (Part 2)

Second Installment in Our Focus on the Latest in Industrial Sensing Technology


(Note: This is the second of three segments covering the Round-Up on Industrial Sensors. Look for the third installment at the end of March.)


Family Addition

The 12 mm, 18 mm and 30 mm analog+ inductive analog sensors have an extended linear sensing range. The repeatability has been improved to less than 1%. The temperature drift is now specified at 0.06% per °C. New self-contained 6.5 and 8-mm diameter and 4 and 5-mm styles with remote amplifiers have been added to meet a large range of analog applications. Turck; 800/544-PROX;

Micro Motion

Squeaky Clean

H-Series, all-hygienic line of Coriolis meters, are drainable, cleanable, and have improved surface finishes, and meet stringent 3-A authorization, EHEDG certification, and ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standards requirements. H-Series meters are ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) and water-for-injectables (WFI) applications. It offers either integral transmitter mounting or easy four-wire remote transmitter mounting for simple installation. Micro Motion; 800/760-8119;


Doesn't Drift

Infosense temperature sensors use software to reduce process variation and drift of thermocouples and RTDs. Each sensor has four error values, known from calibration, printed on small tags. Users simply enter the values into a compatible controller's standard menu. Entering the codes immediately improves sensor accuracy by a factor of two. Other sensors in the product line have an EEPROM with additional information or use IEEE P1451.4 smart sensor technology. Watlow; 314/878-4600;

Fox Thermal

Thermal Flowmeter Takes Temperature

InstrumentsThe Model ft2 thermal flowmeter has 4-20 mA outputs for both gas flow rate and temperature. Additional outputs include pulse, Modbus RS-422/485, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet and Ethernet. Its backlit LCD display shows flow rate, total, temperature and alarms, and is used with on-board pushbuttons to re-range and configure the flowmeter in the field. Users also can view data and configure the flowmeter with a Palm PDA. Fox Thermal Instruments; 831/899-7962;


Paddle-Wheel Flow Sensor

Type 8030HT flow sensor's axis and paddle-wheel are constructed of stainless steel, so the sensor is suitable for neutral and slightly aggressive, solid-free liquids. It handles medium temperatures to 320° F and fluid pressures to 580 psi, and measures flow of 0.3-500 gpm. The unit is compatible with pipe diameters of ½-2 in., and is available in two-wire frequency sinusoidal and three-wire frequency pulse versions. Burkert; 949/837-7600;

Durex Industries


Mineral Insulated

MI thermocouples are constructed with the T/C element compacted in high-temperature magnesium oxide and protected by an integral metal sheath. Various stainless steels and nickel alloys are available as sheath materials for specific application requirements. Diameters are available 0.02-0.50 in. Termination options range from standard male plugs to screw cover terminal housings. Standard calibration types are K, S, T, E, N, R, S and B. Durex Industries; 847/639-5600;


Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

The Radiamatic II infrared sensor measures temperatures at distances 2-14 in. with 0.50% full-scale accuracy. It has a stainless steel housing, works in temperatures to 140º F, and can be fitted with a cooling jacket for ambient temperatures to 600º F. The sensor has a 4-20 mA output, is NIST-traceable, and withstands 50 g shocks and vibration to 3 g in any axis. Honeywell; 215/641-3798;

Hoffer Flow Controls

Turbine Flowmeter For Liquid and Gas

The HO Series is available in sizes 1/4-12 in. with 17 overlapping ranges and accuracy to 0.5%. End fittings available include MS, NPT, and flanged types. Standard construction is 316 stainless steel, but other materials are available. Options include hazardous or weatherproof enclosures, linearization, and choice of high-output magnetic pickup, low-drag modulated carrier pickup, or a pickup coil that provides a conditioned pulse output. Hoffer Flow Controls; 800/628-4584;

Moore Industries-Intl.

I've Got You Under My Skin

Ready-to-install assemblies for measuring surface temperature mount directly to tanks, pipes, motors, compressors, reactors, or anywhere a skin or surface temperature measurement is needed. Assemblies are available with the company's Worm Flexible Sensor, choice of RTDs and thermocouples, PC-programmable or HART temperature transmitters, and stainless steel mounting accessories that endure harsh field environments. Moore Industries-Intl.; 818/894-7111;


Load Cells Take CIP/SIP

LD360s and LD3xi stainless steel load cells withstand sanitary CIP/SIP operations in bio-pharmaceutical applications. The LD360s is available in capacities of 1,000-25,000 lbs., while the 3xi is available for 220-5,500 lbs. capacities. Both have self-leveling hardware, water-tight cabling, withstand side loading forces, and have accuracy to 0.03% Kistler-Morse; 800/426-9010;

Ametek Drexelbrook


Needs No Calibration

The Point RF level switch is able to detect the presence or absence of liquids, slurries, interfaces and granular material without adjustments, or requiring users to calibrate or adjust setpoints. Because it recognizes changes in material, it is suitable for non-dedicated tanks that are used for a variety of products. Its software continuously monitors an application for changes in composition, dielectric, or conductivity, and maintains a repeatable trip point on the probe. Ametek Drexelbrook; 215/674-1234;