10 years after

Our editorial staff went back into the arhives to pulll up some examples of how we saw and presented Control Design's first decade. Spend a few minutes and enjoy a little reminiscing.

10 Year AnniversaryIn June of 1997, the editor's page introduced the premier issue of Control Design. Here are some of the most useful columns, feature articles, editorials and observations from staff and contributing authors to Control Design magazine over the past 10 years that were included in our 10 Year Anniversary issue (June 2007). Take a look back at how Control Design covered the important issues during its first 10 decade.

Globalization drives consolidation
Globalization started centuries ago, and while the pace of globalization might vary from year to year, no one doubts its continued progress. Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert, PE, reviews the past 10 years.

Control systems evolve slowly, steadily
If anything can be said about the state of machine control today it’s that it progresses slowly, but steadily toward a true system that allows users to choose their weapons and sleep at night.



After-sales support moves into mainstream
Accelerating technical changes, diversifying applications, and shrinking in-house expertise has forced end users to demand greater levels of support from their builders and suppliers. Joined at the hip? Just about.


Throw away the clipboard. Networks rule
Network capability over the past 10 years has improved access time to what’s happening on the plant floor, moving from manual data collection to what today is called real-time data management.


Salaries and states of mind
Past surveys recall the major influences that occurred along the way: a tumbling stock market in the late '90s, an economic slowdown after Sept. 11, and the recent resurgence in the global economy.


Insight From Issues Past
In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, here’s some of the most useful observations from contributing authors to Control Design’s OEM Insight column over the past 10 years.

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