Top 10 Digital Downloads of 2007

Check Out What Machine Builder Nation Views as the Best Information on the Web

By Rick Pedraza

When opened for business shortly after the debut of Control Design, the new website had just a few obligatory articles and columns. What a difference a decade makes! now houses a vast collection of innovative white papers and other content for visitors to download for free. After a short registration, you can use these papers to solve many of the problems that vex you.

This month, we decided to summarize the most popular downloads of 2007 according to you site visitors. Check out what Machine Builder Nation views as the best information on the web.


The ABCs of Internet Protocol
This document defines TCP/IP and other topics related to the IP portion of the TCP/IP stack as it applies to control networks, including data encapsulation, routers and hosts, IP addressing and the IP header.
Contemporary Controls 02/02/2007

Understanding PACs in Industrial Automation 
This paper provides an understanding of how PACs provide in a single compact controller the advanced control features, network connectivity, device interoperability, and enterprise data integration capabilities found in PLC- or PC-based automation controllers.                                                         
Opto 22 – 01/25/2007

The World of Drives
This white paper explores the world of drives used in motion control applications – including inverter, vector, servo and now, linear drives – and explains where each is best used.  
Baldor Electric – 11/27/2006

How to Protect Against Overloads and Short Circuits
Overload or short circuit protection? Protect your design against both dangers. This white paper gives pointers on how to determine the main job a breaker must do and how to make an appropriate selection.     
E-T-A Circuit Breakers – 04/05/2007

Calculating Total Value of Ownership for the OEM
This white paper argues that machine builders can highlight other features, like operational equipment efficiency (OEE), to determine a machine's worth.     
Rockwell Automation – 04/04/2007

A Disciplined Approach to Control System Development
This article explains the basic method to rapid control system development, as well as ways to create a reliable system model that a virtual controller may be developed against.    
Single Iteration (a division of Watlow                                         
Electric Manufacturing Co.) – 09/15/2006

Real-time, High-Speed Image Processing for Machine Vision
This white paper delves into both the hardware and software implementation issues of image processing and is ideal for OEMs or integrators faced with the challenge of delivering a high-speed or real-time image processing system to the factory floor.          
Dalsa – 11/08/2006

Why Smart Linear-Position Sensors?
This white paper details how a smart digital sensor can simplify a machine control design while saving on automation component costs, increasing process performance, productivity and up-time.          
MTS Sensors – 04/04/2007

Multi-Position Sensing with Magnetostrictive Sensors
This paper shows how the use of magnetostrictive linear-position sensors for multi-axis feedback along the same plane of motion can reduce per-axis feedback costs while increasing the benefits of smart fieldbus-based sensors.    
MTS Sensors – 08/07/2006 

Proximity Sensors in Harsh-Duty Environments
This paper addresses how incorporating specialty sensors into harsh-duty applications can lengthen the time between replacements and offers alternative product suggestions where there was thought to be none.           
Turck – 07/14/2006


Operator Interface Buyers Guide
This white paper identifies and explains many of the components of an operator interface terminal (LCD, touch screen, communications, etc.) and what to look for and be cautious of when specifying one for use in a rugged environment.

How to Protect Your Designs
This paper presents the 12 most common pitfalls to avoid when it comes to specifying circuit protection for equipment and offers suggestions on how to protect your designs.



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