3 Tips From My Mother

Read These Motherly Advice That Can Be Applied to the World Wide Web

By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

To this day, my mother gives good advice, and some of it can be applied to the Web. Here are three suggestions.

1 My mother always says that being organized is always best. Organization leads to finding things when you need them and saving time while searching for them. Well, ControlDesign.com has a new level of organization. Our new online product search engine gives you more searching options and saves search time. Visit ControlDesign.com/vendors/products. You can search products by category, type or manufacturer. Simply type in a keyword in the Search Products field, and click on Get Results or make a selection from the Category, Type or Manufacturer dropdown menus to see how our improved search engine works.

2 “Volunteer and try out new things” was another piece of advice my mother repeated constantly. At times, I thought doing things outside my norm was a bad idea, but in the end I realized that my mom’s volunteering idea wasn’t bad after all.

During June, ControlDesign.com started a new campaign to recruit engineers at machine building companies to join the Control Intelligence Agency’s Virtual Brigade. You might have seen the trailer already. You still can view it at ControlDesign.com/cia/brief.

At the end of June, we launched our latest market intelligence report video, in which the CIA gathered and presented data on design and simulation software. In this video, the CIA chief held a press briefing and released the latest design and simulation software research collected by the agency’s virtual intelligence-gathering brigade. You can sign up to join the brigade, as well. If you haven’t volunteered or signed up to try new things lately, stop by Controldesign.com/ciabrigade and get virtual.

3 Finally, my mother always told me to voice my opinion.
ControlDesign.com tries to involve you in online interaction every month. We have Web polls, and we invite you to participate. Previously we’ve polled you on safety, customers’ use of RFID technology, preferred terminal block connections for your machines, using simulation/emulation software and wireless motion control, among others.

Our current poll asks how the relentless rise in energy costs has affected your machine design. Your vote counts. Visit ControlDesign.com/webpoll and participate. Let your voice be heard.

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