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Who Said Traveling Was Expensive? The World Wide Web Offers Many Affordable, Undiscovered Places. You Just Need to Know Where to Go in Your Cyber-Hood

Katherine BonfanteBy Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

We’re always getting emails or reading magazine articles about the best places to visit, best city restaurants, best vacation spots, best beaches. Yet, somehow we never get to visit the exotic places we read about. It could be because we work too much and have little time to travel, or it could be the economy and the lack of extra cash for our traveling adventures. No matter what stops us from physically traveling, I have a solution to discover new places we never knew existed. Our expedition does not require luggage and is free of cost.

Your cyber-hood is at, and there are many places on our site I know you haven’t discovered yet. This month, I’m your travel guide. Get ready for a cyber-adventure.

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If you enjoy getting souvenirs, our subscription page is your vacation destination. Sign up for our weekly or monthly souvenir plan. At, you can sign up to receive our monthly digital magazine edition. We will send you a monthly email telling you where you can read the magazine from the comfort of your computer screen or download it as a PDF file to read at your own convenience. At, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletters that keep you informed on the latest industry news, white papers, videos and product releases.

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If you like to travel with a full agenda, our calendar page is ideal. Visit and find out where trade shows will be hosted, when the latest webinar session starts, and how to register for industry training courses. If you have events that you’d like posted on the calendar, email me and let me know.

Adventure Pages

Our Web poll page, forum page and multimedia page are ideal destinations for the active individual. Our current poll at asks about industry hiring practices during an economic recession. If your firm is maintaining staffing levels during this recession, how will you handle less work with the same number of people?

The Machine Builder Forum——has ongoing conversations where you can participate and our Multimedia page——is being updated constantly with market intelligence reports, Machine Builder Spotlight videos and the latest industry technology videos.

Who said traveling was expensive? There are many affordable, undiscovered places in your cyber-hood, and, now that I’ve told you about them, what are you waiting for? Start your cost-free journey, and visit us to discover what’s awaiting you with the click of your mouse.

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