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Katherine BonfanteBy Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Have you stopped by our Machine Builder Forum (MBF) lately? Maybe you’ve been working longer hours due to the layoffs that have been going on at your company right now. Hopefully, your company has not suffered many of these. If you haven’t had the time to stop by, don’t worry. I’ve gathered the most popular conversations we’ve had lately. Read them and then join the conversation by commenting on topics of interest.

Access Denied

Machine access problems can create headaches far beyond machine downtime. Sometimes unprotected access to controls can be downright dangerous. Do you have a horror story about out-of-control access? Tell us about it at

Business on a Handshake

Control systems often need to communicate with machines or components that use a different protocol. Sometimes, the conversion is simple and easy to implement. Other times, the handshake can be shaky. What has been your biggest obstacle? Log on to and tell us.

Is It Safe?

Does the design of your machine safety system give you the option of choosing between programmable controllers and relays? Does your comfort factor lie with safety relays? What about your customers’? Tell your peers why at

Don’t Just Sit There, Innovate

What have you done for your customer lately? Surviving the economic impasse created by manufacturing’s ailing financial health is achievable only through innovation based on your customers’ needs. The nominating period for the 2009 Innovator Awards competition is open. If you’ve already made an innovative improvement for a customer, enter it online at If you have other ideas on how to weather the storm of this economic turmoil, join the conversation at

CNC Takes on All Comers

CNC control of machine tools made it possible to cut a variety of complex three-dimensional shapes that were previously difficult or impossible to create. That was then. This is now. Though CNC still is the controller of choice for machining centers, other options such as PLCs, PACs and PC-based controls are drilling into the CNC’s dominance. If a PAC has the essentials for CNC tool compensation and interpolation built-in, a typical NC program can be executed. Is there really any limit to the options available? Cut a new path at

New White Papers

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Learn how you can create the strong foundation of a highly reliable industrial Ethernet network with step-by-step selection criteria.

Motion Control Cards for Machine Design
See the different motion control card form factors, their fit into different machine requirements and how they affect the outcome of a machine design.

To download PDF papers, go to

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Control Connection Post job opportunities to find the right candidate or post your resumé to find the right employer at

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