New Things on the Block Has Undergone Some Minor Changes. FInd Out What They Are

Katherine Bonfante

By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Change, some say, is scary; others say it is always good. I say change is change and we all adapt to it no matter what. Technology always changes things around us. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to it, but in the end we familiarize ourselves with it, use it and then learn to love it. has undergone some minor changes and I’m here to let you know what those are.

Have you used our search box lately? If you have, you might have noticed a small change in how our search engine works. When you do a search from anywhere on our site, using our search  box, your results automatically default the search-results tab for articles.

Our search engine searches our online database and sorts the results by content type, articles pages, white papers, products and news pages. These five content categories are individual tabs in our search engine results page. You can jump from one tab to the other to browse through the search results, without losing any found information and without having to start your search all over again.

If you are looking for a product or white paper, don’t panic if our search engine gives you a message saying no results were found. Just remember that once you hit our search button, the engine automatically will bring up article pages first. To get product results, or white paper results,  select the products or white paper category tab and you will obtain your desired results.

We also have two new knowledge centers on our site. The Industrial Communication Solution Center and our Mechatronics Resource Center.

Industrial Communications Solution Center focuses on data networking products that provide system integrators and end users with reliable and cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet, industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless and embedded computer solutions. Visit the knowledge center at and find the latest information on white papers, feature products and success stories.

The Mechatronics Resource Center helps machine builders and designers develop systems that merge mechanical, electrical, control system and embedded software designs. The center’s mission is to improve the design process by integrating the best available development practices and technologies to streamline design, prototyping and deployment. Visit the center at for information on webcasts, white papers, articles, case studies and design guides.

Lastly, has a page where you can check what our monthly, top five, most-read articles are. If you want to know what your peers are reading on our site and want a list of our most popular articles, visit

These changes aren’t so bad, are they? Our Web team continues to work and enhance your online experience. Visit our site and take advantage of our recent changes and the industry-related information that is always at hand.  

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