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You Have Come to Our Site in the Quest for Specific Information, and I’m Sure You’ve Been Tangled in Our Web. Check Out What You've Been Reading

Katherine BonfanteBy Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

You know how sometimes when you visit a site just for one specific reason—maybe you just want to read one article—somehow you spend hours surfing the site? This happens to me a lot, and I’m sure it happens when you visit www.ControlDesign.com.

For the past six months, many of you have come to our site in the quest for specific information, and I’m sure you’ve been tangled in our web and have read a few more articles than you originally intended.

I checked our database vault to find out which pages have lured you into our site. These pages have made you stay for a longer period of time than you estimated. Here are the results of the most read pages on our site.

Our article, “Closed-Loop PID Algorithms in Motion/Motor Control,” written by Ernst Dummermuth, tops our most popular list. In the article, this frequent expert contributor explains PID and says to use differential feed forward for numerical controls or integral feed backward for trajectory control of motion. If you want to read this article, visit www.ControlDesign.com/closedlooppid.

Paul Miller, senior editor and analyst at ARC Advisory Group, wrote “Ins and Outs of Modular I/O.” This is another article that has been read by many of our online visitors. The article talks about how increased granularity can improve flexibility and help reduce costs by eliminating the need to buy unnecessary components.

Frequent contributor Phil Burgert wrote an article on machine safety devices and safety system designs. He says the two are equal partners in the decision-making process for machine design or upgrade. The article is titled “Safety Adds Complexity and Function,” and if you’re interested in reading it, you can access it at www.ControlDesign.com/safetycomplexity.

Finally, another web-tangling article many of you have been interested in is “Network Behemoth.” This article was written by Dan Hebert, our senior technical editor. In it, he talks about alternative networks and how these have thrived in the shadow of industrial Ethernet. In recent years industrial Ethernet had been the digital network leader in manufacturing, but alternative networks are gaining ground. To learn more, read this article at www.ControlDesign.com/networkbehemoth.

Now, if you want to know what’s been accessed the most on a monthly base, you can always check our Most Requested page, where we’re keeping track of what our online users are viewing the most. You can access this page by checking www.ControlDesign.com/mostrequested.

The next time you visit our site, thinking you will only read one article or watch one video, don’t be surprised when you’re tangled in our content. You might end up reading more than one article and watching a few videos. Don’t be alarmed. Enjoy your time at www.ControlDesign.com, tell your friends about our articles, and come back again.

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