Sensors and Hot Yoga

Managing Temperatures Is Important Anywhere, In the Gym, at Home and Even More So In Industrial Facilities

Katherine BonfanteBy Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

While trying to achieve inner peace during a recent hot yoga session, I couldn't stop thinking about temperature sensors and wireless monitoring devices.

Now, you might find it inconceivable to think about industrial components while in a yoga class, but when you bend and twist like a pretzel in a room kept at 104 °F, many things cross your mind.

I enter the inferno/room, and I wonder if the building manager hasn't heard about temperature sensors. He needs to stop by and learn a few things. Managing temperatures is important anywhere, in the gym, at home and even more so in industrial facilities.

The heat in the room reminds me of a white paper we have on our site, "Temperature Measurement Applications in Process Plants" ( Download this white paper and learn about the basics of temperature measurement and some of the technical advances that impart a higher degree of safety and reliability to process plant operation.

Class starts, and I attempt to do the sun-salutation pose, but I'm sweating. If the teacher had a thermal imaging camera in class, he could see how I'm burning up. Maybe I should send him a link to "Thermal Management: Heat Balance Control via IR Sensing" ( He could learn about the ExergenIR Speed Boost System, which is a productivity-enhancing concept that optimizes and properly controls process temperatures.

I try to achieve namaste while holding the king-of-the-dance pose, yet the extreme heat makes me think about my well-being. Am I doing yoga in a hazardous environment? Am I safe here? These safety questions remind me of the article we ran in November 2009 on safety and wireless applications.

"New Wireless Application Boosts Safety at Harcros" was written by Harcros Chemicals' unit manager, Kevin Root. Root explains how Harcros Chemicals improved its plant safety levels by integrating wireless applications. Read this article at and find out how Harcros Chemicals integrated valve position monitors to improve safety.

Halfway through the class I start dreaming about having my own wireless device. I just want to be able to turn down the heat in the room, but that's when an article written by Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert pops in my head. In "Industrial Networks Adopt Wireless," Hebert reports on the benefits of wireless networks beyond saving money and cabling costs. Read this article at to find out more about wireless benefits.

The class is over, and I'm doing the corpse pose. Sending the instructor a link to "Optimal Temperature Sensor Selection" ( won't be a bad idea after all.