Integration Tops Motion Challenges

Combining Electronic and Mechanical Components Proves Difficult

By Control Design Staff

A recent Control Design audience survey on motion, drives and motors found that the biggest motion control challenges faced by machine builders include the integration of electronic and mechanical components, and the need for more precision. Integration of digital safety with motion also factored high on the list. Though some 17% of respondents are purchasing motors and drives that are already integrated, almost half (48%) buy their motors and drives separately and integrate them later.

Survey respondents told us that there's wide use of both servo motor and stepper motor technologies among today's machine builders. Almost two-thirds of respondents (65%) report using servo motors, and about one-third (32%) report using stepper motors.

(Closed-Loop PID Algorithms in Motion/Motor Control)

Of those using stepper motors, they're split fairly equally between open-loop and closed-loop varieties. On the servo side, the split between digital and analog preferences isn't nearly so even, with machine builders opting for digital servos nearly three-quarters of the time.

The respondents also told us what matters most to them about the performance of their drive systems. Although speed was considered the most important performance characteristic in last year's survey, garnering 54% of the votes, it slipped considerably this year to 36%. Instead, almost half (49%) of those surveyed consider position control important, and 30% said torque control is important.

Good Motor Hygiene   
Stainless steel W Series IP69K-sealed hygienic servo motors with a round housing design eliminate need for additional housing. They have a venting system that eliminates the need to supply compressed air to the motor, and a 3 and 6 m standard flying-lead option that eliminates intermediate cables. There are 16 frame/stack combinations, delivering continuous torque to 80 Nm and peak torque to 390 Nm at rated speeds to 7,500 rpm.
(540) 633-3545
Integrated, Protected   
Acoposmulti65m motor-integrated servo drives with IP65 rating unites motor, encoder, gearbox and servo drive into a compact unit. Three sizes provide a 1.8–10.5 Nm torque range and a 500 W to 2 kW power range. An optional fan assembly can be retrofitted for a performance boost of 100%.
B&R Industrial Automation
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Line Expansion   
Reliance Super-E, four-pole, TEFC and ODP motors with internal Aegis bearing protection ring provides off-the-shelf motors equipped with a pre-installed shaft ground installed internally. New ratings expand the line through 100 hp and include two- and six-pole models.
Baldor Electric
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Eaton M-Max Drive

Max It   
The M-Max Drive is a micro drive with a broad power range. Conformal board coating, mounting characteristics, simple programming and a 50°C rating make it suitable for machinery applications in several industries, including food and beverage, HVAC, packaging, pumping and textile.
(877) 386-2273

Mix and Match Specs   
With configurable options menu to build the servo motor needed, the 1FK7 family can be configured to 110,700 possible designs. Options include stall torque and RPM rating, encoder style and bit resolution, holding brake functionality, shaft style, IP rating, ac line supply and electronic nameplate recognition via Drive-Cliq.
Siemens Industry
(800) 879-8079
Ready for Harsh   
SM23165MT-IP and SM34165MT-IP SmartMotor servos offer IP65 and IP67 ratings with NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 frame sizes. They include Mil-style connectors, 10 points of 24 V I/O, DeviceNet or CANopen, and Combitronic technology for multi-axis operation.
Moog Animatics
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Steppin' Out   
Two- and five-phase stepping motors/drivers, and motion controllers come in 24, 42, 60 and 85 mm frame sizes, with rated currents of 0.75, 1.4 and 2.8 A/phase, and communicate via RS-232C, RS-485 or USB ports.
(847) 680-8160
For Pumps and Fans   
P1000 drive controls variable-torque loads through 500 hp and has a multi-language LCD with real-time clock, parameter storage, and fan and pump application presets. DriveWizard software enables configuration, monitoring and trending via standard USB port. Communication standards include DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, Profinet, BACnet and LonWorks.
(800) yaskawa
Modular Options   
MR-J4 servo motors, servo amplifiers and motion controllers have 2500 Hz frequency response with settling times to less than 2 ms. Modular architecture provides redundant two-channel Safe Torque Off (STO) input as standard; an optional module provides Safe Stop (SS1) per EN61800-5-2. For higher ratings, amplifiers and motion controllers include safety modules.
Mitsubishi Electric
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Exceeds Induction   
Gen2.0 PremiumPlus+ electronically commutated permanent magnet (ECPM) motors, driven by variable-frequency drives, have motor-only rated point efficiencies of 93% and 92% for 3 and 5 hp versions, exceeding induction motors. With flux-focusing stator and rotor hub geometry, the motor has an all-ferrite (vs. rare earth) magnet design.
(510) 933-2763
Go With the Flow   
Omron 3G3MX2 ac drives with compact frequency inverters have built-in PLC functionality with flow-chart programming for simple single-axis positioning. Users create programs with up to 1,000 lines of code, running five tasks in parallel. It functions as a drive and position controller with speed synchronization with no additional programming.
Omron Automation and Safety
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Simple Starts   
Stellar SR33 basic soft starters are for general-purpose across-the-line or wye-delta starting. Available in sizes 22–482 A, they control three-phase ac induction motors with a variety of motor loads. They have two-phase control; adjustable motor start voltage and start and stop times; and fault indication for SCR or power supply, overheat, control power supply, bypass relay failure, shearpin, overload and overcurrent.
(770) 889-2858
Brush Up on Torque   
Athlonix 12GS brush dc motors provide output power to 1.2 W with maximum continuous torque to 1.5 mNm. Energy-efficient coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit maximizes power density and offers three winding options.
(610) 235-5499
Do the Two-Step   
STR stepper drives at 4 A/phase and 8 A/phase have a built-in noise filter on STEP and DIR inputs, microstep emulation for low-resolution step signals, and anti-resonance for optimized torque and smoothness over a wide speed range. The drives are designed for basic step and direction control of a two-phase step motor.
Omega Engineering
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Smaller Package   
D-Frame VLT drives in 125–450 hp range require less panel or wall space than previous models, and use back channel cooling to remove 90% of the heat generated by the drive. They are available with IP20, IP21 (NEMA 1) or IP54 (NEMA 12) enclosure ratings. They can be factory-fitted with optional semiconductor fuses, mains disconnect, contactor and circuit breaker.
Danfoss VLT Drives
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Remote Control   
ISS start/stop motor controls accept dry voltage inputs of 12–250 Vac for activation by remote systems without interposing relays. Options include remote run, shutdown, fault, loss of load, and SmartStart predictive calibration (fault alarm).
Cerus Industrial
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Hybrid Starter Design   
Motus ContactronControl is a hybrid motor starter for loads to 5 hp. It has 60 mm busbar System Classic, 60 mm System Compact and DIN-rail mounting options, and includes short-circuit protection in the housing of the device, eliminating the need to mount circuit protection elsewhere in the panel design.
Woehner USA
(603) 433 2121
Small Family Members   
PowerFlex 753 and 755 ac drives with a power range of 0.75–7.5 kW/1–10 hp (400/480 V) have the smallest footprint in the 750 series. They provide induction and permanent magnet motor support, and configure, control and collect drive data over EtherNet/IP.
Rockwell Automation
(414) 328-2000
Drive in Terminal   
EL7201 servo terminal integrates a servo drive for motors to 200 W into a standard 12 mm I/O EtherCAT terminal housing. Permanent magnet synchronous motors with rated current to 4 A can be connected as loads. Parameters monitored include overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature or motor load.
Beckhoff Automation
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Serve or Step   
750-673 servo stepper controller includes an onboard power driver and controls two-phase stepper motors of up to 70 V/7.5 A in positioning, referencing, jog/inch and profile sequencing modes. It controls movement at 64 microsteps/full step, preventing step losses that can be caused by acceleration phase resonance and excessive wear on mechanical components. Vector control combines with an incremental encoder for high-efficiency rotational speed control.
(800) din-rail
Get the Combo   
DMC-30016 combines a single-axis motion controller with a 1.4 A per phase, 30 V stepper amplifier that drives a two-phase bipolar stepper motor in full-, half-, 1/4- or 1/16-step. It is configurable at 0.5–1.4 A per phase in 10 mA increments at 12–30 Vdc. Servo loop update is 125 ms, encoder frequency is 15 MHz, and stepper pulse output is 3 MHz.
Galil Motion Control
(800) 377-6329

Stop Safely   
SK 200E distributed frequency inverters enable safe shutdown in high-risk applications that comply with Category 4 or PLe per EN 13849-1. SK 21xE and SK 23xE models have certified safe pulse blocking as well as digital inputs for Disable Voltage and Quick Stop functions.
Nord Drive Systems
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Universal Encoding   
ARS 2000 FS panel/cabinet-mount servo drives with six single- or three-phase continuous-output ratings of 0.5–6 kVA have universal interfacing for connection to resolvers, analog/digital incremental encoders, and single/multiturn absolute encoders. Standard interfaces include Ethernet, USB and CAN fieldbus, compatible with DS402 CANopen device profile.
+49 (0)531 8668-0
Variably Easy   
Eazy variable-frequency drive controls and protects 40–1875 hp ac induction motors. It has a fifth-generation IGBT power inverter, SVPWM control strategy, power losses ride trough, built-in energy meter, slip compensation, overload and ground fault protection. It has RS-485 Modbus-RTU communications software, and built-in encoder.
Amtech Drives
(770) 469-5240
CD1109-ru-ims.jpg The Network Is Available
MDrive motion products are available for EtherNet/IP and have integrated motor, drive and programmable controller. They allow up to 254 nodes on a network, and Hybrid Motion Technology hardware offers the benefits of servo and stepper motors. Real-time response controls unintentional stalling, saves energy and reduces heat.
IMS Schneider Electric
(860) 295-6102
CD1109-ru-sew.jpg Washdown Drive       
Movitrac LTE NEMA Type 4X/IP66 inverter has dust-tight seals for high-pressure washdowns. Predefined parameter settings and keypad aid fast startup. It covers a 0.5–10 hp range for single-phase and three-phase power. Options include power switch, potentiometer and 32 kHz quiet switching. It can handle 150% overload for 60 s.
(864) 661-1120
cd1207-vacon.jpg Drive Versatility       
Model 100 multipurpose ac drive has a graphical multilingual display and extended block programming for drive customization, Safe Torque Off (STO), and EtherNet/IP, Profinet IO and Modbus TCP. It has ATEX-certified motor over-temperature protection. Model 100 X and 20 X decentralized ac drives have IP66/Type 4X enclosures.
(717) 261-5000
CD1207_amp.jpg Do the Microstep       
STR2 step motor drive for basic step and direction control of a two-phase stepper motor outputs up to 2.2 A/phase to the motor. Each drive can microstep up to 20,000 steps/rev with a 1.8º step motor, and can microstep the motor when command pulses are low-resolution. Setup is via DIP switches on the drive.
Applied Motion Products
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