Beltway Bandits Slow Cybersecurity Progress

Obama Administration's Executive Order Seems to Have Taken Industrial Control System Security Back Five Years

By Walt Boyes, editor in chief for Control Global

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes of sister publication Control Global says when it comes to the Obama Administration, "it's all about the money." What does he mean by this? He is referring to a recent executive order mandating improved cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. When the executive order was issued, it was also made known that critical infrastructure security would be exempt from sequester cuts. This industry has been nicknamed "the Beltway Bandits" — companies located in the Washington D.C. beltway that highly influence higher-power decision making. In this article, Boyes give his opinions of these "bandits" who have little knowledge about cybersecurity in the industrial control system environment, while also discussing what should really be done for critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

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