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  • Zoom In on the Data

    Remote machine management lets your customers monitor production performance while you track reliability

  • Alarm Notification Goes Global

    Software and hardware from HMI and PLC vendors now push alarm notification, identification, and analysis to levels undreamed of in the hard-wired world

  • A Real (Valve) Turn-On

    Predictive maintenance can cost five times less than preventive maintenance and 10 times less than corrective maintenance

  • Salary Survey--The Worst Is Over

    Our annual salary survey finds machine builders weathering the economic storms with resilient levels of job satisfaction and security

  • How to Save the Pumps?

    Readers help a reader solve this control design problem. Next: How to house PLCs for -40 degrees

  • Bye Bye, Mr. American Pie

    Ted Williams' legacy contrasts with the regard we currently have for corporate leaders

  • How to choose pressure transmitters wisely

    Consider the process, select the appropriate device, and design a correct installation. Accurate, consistent pressure measurements will result.

    Steven J. Marrano, PE, CEM
  • Don't Accept the Obvious

    It's an issue of applying the right solution for the right job, and to not over-sell it

  • It's a Wireless World

    Rid Yourself of Hard-to-Mantain Wiring. Let Wireless Systems Carry the Load and Streamline Control

    Dan Hebert
  • Settin' Some With Sonny

    The dumbing-down of operator interfaces may be the result of reduced training, not bad people

  • How Tough is Ethernet?

    Does Ethernet Offer Lower-Cost Commercial Hardware Advantages?

    Control Design Staff
  • Machinery Safeguarding Design

    When an operator sees the e-stop as an obstacle to doing his job, he will actively try to defeat the safety

  • Machinery safeguarding design

    As this installment of OEM Insight reveals, when an operator sees the e-stop as an obstacle to doing his job, he will actively try to defeat the safety.

  • Check your brain at the door

    Dropping prices and open-architecture enhancements have a lot to do with making it a machine control value-add, but some of this changeover has to do with, for lack of a better description, what you’d call the dumbing-down of HMI.

  • PCs point the way

    PLC or a PC? A turn to PC-based control is in the wind.

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