Let Us Pick Your Brain

In upcoming issues of Control Design, we'll explore subjects that include:

  • How to design machine safety into your automation system.
  • What an integrated controls architecture means to design, commissioning and overall time-to-market.
  • What you need to know to compete globally.
  • What the real differences are among the various Ethernet flavors of fast motion buses.
  • The threat of electronics to pneumatics and hydraulics as power sources.
  • Where relays fit in today's programmable machine control.

In addition, the June issue celebrates the 15th anniversary of Control Design by looking back at how we've covered the significant events that influenced machine and motion control since 1997.

For all these subjects, we want to hear the thoughts and experiences of our machine builder and system integrator readers. Step up and talk to us about these or any other machine automation topic that's affecting the way you do you jobs today, and those that might affect it tomorrow.

Joe Feeley, editor in chief, jfeeley@putman.net
Aaron Hand, managing editor, ahand@putman.net
Jim Montague, executive editor, jmontague@putman.net
Dan Hebert, senior technical editor, dhebert@putman.net
Katherine Bonfante, digital managing editor, kbonfante@putman.net

Feel free to email any one of us, and let us know what you'd like to talk about. You can also call us at 630/467-1301, or start the conversation by responding to this post here.