The Influence of Control

Everybody knows that no blog is worth its salt if it doesn't show a cute baby picture at least every once in a while. And if that baby is holding one of our monthly publications? Well…how cute is that, right?

This is young Joshua Nixon, circa July 1993. And what's Josh doing today? He's a biomedical engineering student at Texas A&M University. See the influence a good engineering magazine can have on a young child? Do you think it was the article on how to survive a quality system audit that piqued his interest? Or perhaps the piece on infrared thermometers gaining acceptance.

Some people might think there was some influence from Josh's father, Mark Nixon, who is currently director of research for Emerson Process Management and one of this year's inductees to the Process Automation Hall of Fame. OK, fair enough.

But we're also going to give some credit to Control magazine for showing this young tyke the way.

Many thanks to Nancy Nixon for sharing this picture with us!