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AutomationDirect markets a broad range of industrial automation components and systems through a catalog and online store. The company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, and strives to cultivate a culture of Customer Driven Leadership®, a methodology for business improvement based on the servant leader concept that says in order to be a leader, everyone must serve others (customers and one another).

This CDL culture is based on four boundaries that help all employees maintain focus and make everyday decisions: vision (where the company is headed), promise (how the vision will be accomplished), core values (how employees will conduct themselves), and profit (the resources that strengthen the business). Teams operate an upside-down organizational chart designed to better serve customers. Each team member is also measured anonymously by fellow teamers to ensure teamers are continually serving each other, in providing ultimate service to the customer. Finally, financial rewards are tied to achieving great results.

The results are quite impressive. AutomationDirect has created an environment of servant leadership in which ordinary people do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. As a result, AutomationDirect has quickly grown to be one of the top automation suppliers in the U.S.

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