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Since 1976, the vision of an enterprising engineer, Glenn Taylor, has been the guiding force behind a company that has never compromised its commitment to excellence.

At c3controls, we design and manufacture standard industrial control products that meet or exceed customer and industry specifications for quality and performance. Achieving this standard of excellence has enabled us to be the first to offer a lifetime warranty for our products that is still unmatched in the industry.

As the manufacturer, we engineer more features, more functionality and more flexibility into our products, and still offer them at a price significantly less than traditional distribution channels. We refer to this as advantage-pricing, our customers call it a good deal.

c3controls delivers support that is second to none. There is only one number to call. Better than any online warehouse, our capable staff of customer care specialists, product design engineers, local field engineers and full-featured website gets you the information and insights you need - now!

We further differentiate ourselves by guaranteeing same-day shipping. When you buy direct from the manufacturer, you get what you want, when you need it - reducing inventory, optimizing manufacturing processes and gaining peace-of-mind.

A new generation of leadership continues to enhance c3controls' position as the direct marketing leader in the industry. While others might make the claim, only c3controls can say we make it, sell it, assemble it, test it, ship it and support it.

Expect more and get it from c3controls.

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