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Maple Systems

About Maple Systems

Maple Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of touchscreen operator interface terminals (OITs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), industrial computers, graphic OITs, panel PCs, alpha-numeric OITs, and operator interface configuration software—all designed to interface with PLCs and other automation and control equipment.

Founded in 1983, Maple is a leading supplier of operator interface equipment and software for the control and automation realm in both the private and the public sectors including: industrial manufacturing, food processing, packaging, energy, public utilities, original equipment manufacturers, automated assembly & manufacturing, and any process situations where control and automation solutions are needed.

Maple emphasizes attentive customer service, efficient shipping, timely repair service, and full engineering technical support for all products sold. Maple products have received accolades from the automation and control media worldwide. Maple's high level of product value, consistent customer service, and quality product support is often referred to as, "The Maple Standard", and it is part of the reason Maple Systems has been in the HMI business for over a quarter century.

808 134th Street SW, Suite 120
Everett, WA 98204-7333
Phone: 425.745.3229
Fax: 425.745.3229

Key Information

Panel PCs
  • Open HMI
    Human Machine Interface with Windows CE
Open HMI
Graphic HMI
 Graphic HMC
 Alphanumeric OIT
  • SCADA Software
    WebStudio, for building HMIs, SCADA systems, and embedded instrumentation and control applications.
SCADA Software