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The Industry Sector of Siemens AG is a global leader in manufacturing, transportation, building and lighting systems. The company's end-to-end automation technologies and a comprehensive array of industry solutions, allow Siemens Industry to increase the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of customers in the industry and infrastructure segments.

To respond faster and more flexibly to customer needs, Siemens has sharpened its focus on integrated technologies and cross-Sector platforms. Energy-efficient products and solutions are also making an important contribution to environmental protection. And with IT-based integration of product planning and production, Siemens lays claim to being the only supplier worldwide that can accelerate manufacturing processes at every stage of the value chain.

"We understand the challenges facing global industry," says Heinrich Hiesinger, Siemens Industry Sector CEO. "To master them, we're working closely with our partners, setting technology trends in the process. We promise our customer greater energy efficiency, productivity and flexibility—particularly in tough economic times."

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