Control Design's Innovator Awards Through Time

Innovator Awards


Innovator Awards 2011

When a Changing Market Placed New Demands on Its Customers, This Year's Award Winner Grabbed Hold of Innovation to Make a Difference


Heavy Transporter Wins Control Design Innovator Awards Competition

Size and Shape Matter in Material Moving: Doerfer Designs and Builds Innovative Transporter to Move Enormous Loads in Plant Environments.


Control Logic's ValuRip Plus and TGW-Ermanco's Turbo Sorter Earn 2009 Innovator Awards

Breakthrough 2009: This Year's Innovator Award Recipients Employ New Technology to Make a Difference for Their Customers


In Good Company

Our 2008 Innovator Awards Winner, In the Tradition of Its Predecessors, Adapts Technology In Unique Ways to Bring Big Improvements In Product Quality and Consistency to Its Blow-Molding Machines.


In a flash: Innovator Awards 2007

Our second-annual Innovator Award winners and their machines were chosen based on end users who decided whether they caught lightning in a bottle for their applications or just a lightning bug.


CONTROL DESIGN Innovator Awards 2006

The winners of our 1st Annual Innovator Awards all built machines that represent significant departures from the past, and their customers bear witness to how these innovations improve their applications.