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Voices: Real Answers

How do I visualize my vision application?

What are the critical techniques, functions or checklists I should know to choose the vision hardware and communication method?

By Mike Bacidore, editor in chief

A Control Design reader writes: I am working on the design of a large automated assembly line with many cells assembling small parts using advanced automation, robots and motion control, and I think machine vision is the key to success. In several of the machine cells, the plan is to use cameras to…

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  • A clean adjustable speed drive installation

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    There are many options to vary the speed of motors in automated machines. Depending on the application, servo-motor drive and dc drive can be used, but the star of the show is the variable frequency drive (VFD). When the cost, reliability and ease of operation and use are considered, it’s hard to…

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  • Hey robot, want to go for a stroll?

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    Robots and automation may grow wheels, legs and arms. It’s all part of improving manufacturing. It will be required to remain competitive in many industries. A closer look at autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and the related standards and design decisions needed to get robots moving throughout the…

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  • The next level of operator interface

    By Rick Rice

    It’s 1979. Your machine has suddenly stopped. You walk up to it with a million questions, but the most important one is: “What is wrong?”Maybe you are lucky, and someone heard a clunk. Perhaps there is physical evidence; one of the widgets is jammed in a clamp station. You might even be…

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  • Greater return on CNC

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    The resurgence of Spyder Manufacturing in Placentia, California, illustrates how the fate of a shop can be tied to its machine-tool investment decisions. It’s also the improbable story of how this second-generation company stumbled upon a business breakthrough: CNC that is intuitive and…

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  • A real, smarter control system

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    What are we going to do with the technology, asked Peter J. Photos, Ph.D., chief scientist and executive vice president at Streamline Innovations at the 'The edge of glory: Building intelligent systems of the future—today' breakout session at the 2019 Ignition Community Conference (ICC) in…

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  • RFID 2.0 keeps radio frequency alive and well in the controls industry

    By Rick Rice, contributing editor

    In an industry like automation, the fast-paced growth can sometimes leave great ideas in the rearview mirror on the highway of life. Much like the fashion industry, fads can lead certain developments into the mainstream and leave others at the starting gate. One technology that has been around for…

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