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Our latest issue: July 2019

CD1907 webcover tabletThe Case for Deterministic Control: Time-sensitive networks have parts starting to emerge as real products, but the industrial specifications will need a few years to mature. Read the issue.

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cdsot 1906 tabletIndustrial Networks: Cables, connectors and wire are the communications network of the Industrial Internet of Things. Download now.

Voices: Real Answers

How does I/O termination affect protocol choice?

Can I move from field-device wire to enclosure terminal strip?

By Mike Bacidore, chief editor

A Control Design reader writes: We manufacture OEM and custom machines—discrete manufacturing—and are looking for ways to reduce integration time and overall cost. Specifically, we're looking at I/O termination methods. We want to move away from wire or cable from the field device to the…

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  • OSIsoft's new leadership on the state of the industry

    OSIsoft announced in late July that Michael Siemer will joining OSIsoft as president while Wolfgang Kuchen came to the data technology company as senior vice president of sales and marketing.Siemer, an energy industry veteran with experience in leveraging software technologies to transform complex…

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  • Rest data, you will be in motion soon and then in use

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    “Protecting IIoT data during the lifecycle of systems is one of the critical foundations of trustworthy systems,” says Bassam Zarkout, executive vice president, IGnPower. “To be trustworthy, a system and its characteristics, namely security, safety, reliability, resiliency and privacy, must…

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  • Controllers and drives set the pace of change

    By Rick Rice

    It wasn’t that long ago that designing a control system, particularly PLC- or PAC-based, was a simple decision. One picked your favorite processor and built your design around it.These days, the simple decision is no longer simple. Technology advances at such a rapid pace that there is no such…

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  • The advent of easier automation

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    I was chatting with an experienced controls engineer who was configuring multiple, distributed fieldbus nodes throughout an advanced automation cell. I asked him what he thought about the distributed I/O, and his simple reply said it all: "Why can't it be as easy as plugging in a mouse to a…

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  • Don't be too alarmed with your automation

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    There are many new and old-school ways to handle alarm management. Several national and international standards exist and are built into many controllers and human-machine interfaces (HMIs). The bottom line is alarms are used to detect unsafe or unexpected machine conditions, and they must notify…

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  • Different data dictate different devices

    By Jeremy Pollard, CET

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will bring into life devices that we may not be able to imagine. Some will be wired, and some wireless, but most will be Ethernet-based.Ethernet/IP has become a mainstay in our world and is open-source as such since it is maintained by a third…

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