Acro Associates Extends its Pinch Valve Product Line with Versagrip

By Erin Massey

Jul 17, 2014

Acro Associates, Inc. announces the launch of Versagrip Solenoid Pinch Valves, a next generation solenoid (electric) product line designed to provide greater flexibility for a wide array of fluidic control system applications.

Acro Associates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bimba Manufacturing.

Versagrip Solenoid Pinch Valves now join the Acro family of pinch valves, which include pneumatic pinch valves and Intelivalve, their fullest-featured pinch valve with built-in intelligence and whisper-quiet operation.

The Versagrip pinch valves have a longer life than conventional valves due to the availability of options for tubing used by the valves.  These valves don't stick or leak, which means they also require less maintenance and yield significantly reduced down time.

The Versagrip product line gives engineers more options when choosing pinch valves.  Engineers are able to select tubing with an average durometer rating of up to 60 Shore A, and media pressure of up to 15 psi or 1 bar. In addition, flexible tubing models are available to support a wide array of disposable bag materials and sizes.

"The Versagrip product line demonstrates Acro's ability to continually leverage our experience to address the needs of the medical, bioprocessing, food & beverage and other industries," said Winston Wong, director of sales and marketing for Acro.

Wong also said that the Versagrip product line consists of three core models, each offered in four different configurations: single tube N/O (normally open) or N/C (normally closed), dual tube toggling N/O-N/C, or in a headless cassette format for disposable bags. An optional optical sensor is available for each of the models.

"Novel in their design, these valves have been fashioned to meet the most current safety and regulatory certifications," he said. "Combined with our comprehensive pneumatics and Intelivalve products, the Versagrip line now gives Acro a more complete and diverse market offering."

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