August 2004 Issue



  • A Picture of You

    Readers Offer a Snapshot of Their Financial and Professional Lives in Our 2004 Survey Results

  • Are flux-vector servos worth it?

    A reader of CONTROL DESIGN asks for help in deciding on how to upgrade servo motor performance, which prompts some well-reasoned advice from several noted motion control suppliers.

  • Product roundup of machine vision systems

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt surveyed all the usual suspects in the machine vision industry and found that builders are looking to employ general-purpose COTS systems as the industry recovery continues.

  • Embed with machines

    An embedded real-time operating system will control machines while it talks to the enterprise. Machine builders are making the transition to embedded RTOS. What's the RTOS in Your Future?

  • Construction Zone

    Editor's Page: Joe Feeley Heralds the Coming of the New CONTROL DESIGN Web Site

  • Results of the 2004 CONTROL DESIGN Annual Salary and State-of-Mind Survey

    Readers of CONTROL DESIGN offer a snapshot of their financial and professional lives in the 2004 Annual Salary and State-of-Mind Survey. Find out how you compare with a diverse group of industry respondents when it comes to salary compensation, job security, hours worked, and annual bonuses received. To take this year's salary survey, click the link above.

  • Radio Days

    Embedded Intelligence: The Radio Frequency Identification Train is Building Steam and Gathering Momentum. Time to Get On Board!

  • TechFlash: An Alarming Situation

    Alarm systems of one type or another always have been part of industrial machine, robot, and skid control systems, but CONTROL DESIGN Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, notes that there's more to alarm technology than meets the eye ... or ear for that matter.

  • Industrial Machine Design: Leap of Faith?

    Technology trends don't always lead to better machine design, but CONTROL DESIGN's Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert found a few that could help you break away from the crowd.