September 2004 Issue



  • You've got the power—pick one

    Will it be pneumatics, hydraulics or servos? Industrial automation veteran Wayne Labs says to first do your homework before choosing a motion control system, then decide.

  • Safety Is Intrinsic

    Machine Designers May Be Wise to Choose IS to Make Systems Safe for Hazardous Areas

  • A clever retort

    This case study illustrates how an OEM that builds custom batch sterilizers provides compliance support and reduces development time by 30% with the use of commercial HMI data management.

  • Editorial: A Harmony of Purpose

    When you distill the critical factors, you realize that timely and accurate information transfers are the key tasks within any organization

  • Pay less, get more?

    When it comes to Ethernet interfaces, technology and software issues writer Jeremy Pollard finds that sometimes you really can get more than you paid for.

  • Standards aren't the end-all

    Manufacuring cell controls designer Jason Christopher counsels colleagues to look beyond standards for the sake of your customers and your company in this edition of OEM Insight.

  • Which Industrial Network for You?

    A Token-Passing Network and a Contention-based Network are Generally Easy to Set Up. Node Numbers Need to be Assigned and That's About It.

  • Editorial: A Winning Formula

    When Justifying a Move to New Controls, Editor in Chief Joe Feeley's September Editorial Put Customer Needs First

  • Linear motors or pneumatic slides?

    Readers of CONTROL DESIGN magazine chime in with their preferred choices, some suggested application strategies, and how much of an issue reliability, maintenance and cost should be.

  • 2004 Readers Choice Awards

    If you received a secure e-mail ballot for this year's Readers Choice Awards and haven't yet voted, please don't wait any longer. Don't get shut out. Remember, the vendors can't vote, but you can. We want your voice to be heard. Vote in complete anonymity or register for the "thank you" prize giveaway drawings when you vote. One way or the other, please, go to the ballot link in your e-mail and vote.

  • SpecMate: Safety sensor selection sensibilities

    What are the distinctions between non-safety and safety industrial sensors? A cynic would say price and marketing, but the real difference, according to Editor in Chief Joe Feeley, lies in design and approvals.

  • Machine Controls Go All In

    Despite the many risks that accompany new technology deployment, the time to move forward is now. Find a new competitive advantage for your customers and you'll have the justification and confidence to bet big on new machine controls.