September 2005 Issue



  • Hydraulics provide a versatile solution

    Controls for hydraulically powered machines provide sophisticated functionality beyond brute-force capability. Field Editor Jason Christopher investigates the implications for today's machine builders.

  • Smart sensors simplify diagnostics

    Many motors, drives and vision systems already have diagnostics, and other equipment is starting to come along. You might find it’s time to start designing your machines to accommodate them.

  • Googlewhack at your own risk

    During NI Week, Editor in Chief Joe Feeley heard about Googlewhacking. Do you Googlewhack? "Play at your own risk," he warns.

  • Compete with Chinese labor? Yes you can

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, says the threat from cheap Chinese labor is exaggerated by the popular press because, like sex and money, fear and paranoia sell.

  • Let's call them machine controllers

    This month's Product Round-up shows that programmable controllers have such mixed functionality that calling them PLCs or motion controllers or PCs doesn’t much matter.

  • Top technology trends of the future unveiled

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, reports on the technology trends that are emerging today and how those trends will dictate the look and feel of the machine automation you'll be unveiling tomorrow.

  • The saviors of PLC programmer sanity

    Embedded Intelligence writer Jeremy Pollard continues his series of columns on those influential few who made enormous impacts on the shape of industrial automation.

  • The perils of shipping too soon

    You better think twice before shipping a machine to a customer site before working out all the bugs it might encounter when it gets into a real production environment.