February 2005 Issue



  • Bin picking has a clear vision

    A successful vision-guided robot project required the specialized contribution of several talented technology application providers in order to meet objectives for more flexible, reusable automation.

  • Seek the power of harmony

    Any device that converts power creates electrical harmonics, but variable-frequency drives are responsible for most of the harmonic distortion in industrial factories, reports Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert.

  • Bus terminals simplify stepper control

    In many machine control schemes that use a bus system, input/output signals are wired locally at fieldbus devices as well as centrally at the programmable controllers. This can be a costly method of signal acquisition.

  • Algebraic solution beats Fuzzy Logic

    Industrial automation controller logic: Find out how the computational efforts as well as the tuning efforts for a non-linear response are much reduced using a tunable algebraic equation versus the use of an inference engine with Fuzzy Logic.

  • Machine Controls: It's All About Platform

    Factory Automation Systems: Which hardware and software platforms do you use for your machine controls? The results of Control Design's recent Reader Survey make it clear that you choose machine control that fits you best.

  • Electrohydraulics deliver precision control

    Today's generation of hydraulic control systems often match the precision, accuracy and repeatability of electromechanical solutions. As a result, there are a host of industrial motion applications that favor hydraulics over electromechanical solutions.

  • The value of real-time machine data

    Editor in Chief Joe Feeley disputes the value of the IT model that says you help your customer more by spending dollars on data manipulation capabilities rather than on improved machine performance.

  • Mobile intelligence lets you take it with you

    CONTROL DESIGN columnist Jeremy Pollard explains mobile intelligence, an untangled, time-saving product and technology solution that just might change the way you do business.

  • How to prevent overloading a loop

    Need to add another loop controller to one of your systems but fear it would push you past your loop maximum? TheAnswer offers inexpensive ways to get around this type of problem.

  • A new idea about operations manuals

    Columnist Jason Christopher says that if you're like him, writing the operations manual is a step you can do without. Read his suggestion for placing informational tools directly on the operator interface.

  • Reacting to customer needs

    What’s the biggest influence on machine control design? Check out our Web Poll results and find out just what it is that customers demand. Then take the new Web Poll on cycle time requirements.