March 2005 Issue



  • Are you collaborating with your competitors?

    Suppliers are in growing collaboration with your competitors, which might be affecting you in ways you're unaware of. Read why Editor in Chief Joe Feeley believes in keeping your enemies closer.

  • Whispers about crosstalk

    Crosstalk in signal cabling doesn’t come up that often among control system designers because it’s hard to get a handle on. So should you be concerned about this? Editor in Chief Joe Feeley says yes.

  • Car seat solution saves a few butts

    Data handling capability and after-sales support got a boost when this test equipment builder switched to PC-based control. By Managing Editor Steve Kuehn.

  • Do we still need gear motors?

    In this installment of The Answer to Your Problems, CONTROL DESIGN readers weigh in on whether you can get the torque you need from gearhead servo motors without way over-specifying the motor size.

  • Industry update of operator interface products

    As prices drop and capability improves, machine builders and SIs develop a healthy appetite for OI products. Part I of this presentation of key findings focuses on the results of hardware product categories.

  • OEM collaboration aids machine control design

    Contributing Editor Wayne Labs focuses on how industrial machine builders benefit from long-term commitments with customers, system integrators and suppliers in the March issue of CONTROL DESIGN.

  • A need for new listening skills

    This edition of OEM Insight finds that although most of today's project decision makers are talented and hard-working, they don't necessarily understand many of the methods engineers take for granted.

  • So hire an apprentice

    You can hire an apprentice, save money and benefits, develop a skilled team member, and have money left over for some litigation contingency, according to Embedded Intelligence columnist Jeremy Pollard.

  • Device Protection in the Danger Zone

    Intrinsic Safety Systems Are Emerging Slowly as an Alternative to Explosion-Proof Solutions in North America. It's Time to Be Clear About How It Works

  • Protect your intellectual property

    Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert’s new column, Machine Builder Mojo, points out that how you keep your secrets a “secret” can be an interesting and cautionary counterpoint to working with your competitors.

  • Do industrial sensors measure up?

    It seems that industrial sensors are still awaiting innovation. Senior Tech Editor Rich Merritt reports on who's dominating the sensor business in this Product Roundup of new sensing devices.