February 2006 Issue


  • Seeing is believing: Functions fuel HMI demand

    Our annual Product Roundup of HMI software and operator interface hardware reveals that technological advances in development should sustain current market growth over the next few years.

  • Advances in AC drive technology

    It seems that AC drives and motors are becoming serious alternatives to DC and even hydraulic-powered control solutions. Contributing Editor Wayne Labs investigates the implications for today's machine builder.

  • Pass it on: Relaying PLC messages

    This month's TechFlash column reviews the latest advances in relays, and why the programmable varieties in particular retain popularity with control system designers.

  • Sending clear signals

    CONTROL DESIGN field contributor Kevin Russelburg takes us back to the basics of control signals with a few tips for ensuring accurate and dependable signal processing in this installment of SpecMate.

  • Probe needle manufacturing needs clear vision

    This case history examines the manner by which an equipment builder took a step forward when it combined precise motion control with machine vision feedback to expand its inspection machine capabilities.

  • Data Chase 2006

    Editor in Chief Joe Feeley expects the pursuit and corralling of operating and lifecycle factory-floor data will do nothing but increase in the future, and he offers more evidence of how this will impact machine OEMs.

  • Write for a living?

    Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert, PE, waited 22 years before deciding that teaching and writing was the best answer to his career woes. If you can afford the likely pay cut, you might want to look into it, too.

  • Survivor: Industrial OEM style

    CONTROL DESIGN Columnist Jeremy Pollard, CET, wonders what most of us would do if our businesses were interrupted -- seriously interrupted -- by something that stopped us from doing our daily work.

  • Yesterday's tools, today's challenges

    A little OEM Insight shows us that when new control systems are installed with the help of the machine builder, the latest proven control methods and strategies can revitalize performance.

  • What are critical E-CAD features?

    Readers offer up advice on how to evaluate the worth of an electrical CAD program, including how to judge databases, training requirements, upgrades and support, in The Answer to Your Problems.