April 2006 Issue


CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • Machine safety switches aren'’t no-brainers

    A little OEM Insight shows that by following proven safety guidelines and performing risk assessments, engineers can identify the machine hazards, analyze the consequences, and design accordingly.

  • CONTROL DESIGN Innovator Awards 2006

    The winners of our 1st Annual Innovator Awards all built machines that represent significant departures from the past, and their customers bear witness to how these innovations improve their applications.

  • Enough to be dangerous

    but it has wide-ranging implications that could spill over into Machine Builder Nation, particularly in the way your customers define the machine performance they need.

  • Belly up to the bar code

    For a good reading the first time, every time, machine builders are increasingly employing 2-D bar codes, direct part-marking techniques and vision systems for data capture applications into their designs.

  • Enough data to be dangerous

    CONTROL DESIGN Editor in Chief, Joe Feeley, says an incomplete palette of operating data is just enough to be dangerous, particularly if that data is used to predict profit influences.

  • No love lost between OEMs and suppliers

    Hundreds of studies show it’s so much easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one, but it can cost your company plenty if you use the wrong supplier.

  • Innovate, cultivate or evaporate

    Embedded Intelligence columnist, Jeremy Pollard, CET, wonders if we're forgetting to farm our own business infrastructures, processes and workers for help because we're too busy putting out fires.

  • The Wait Continues for Handheld HMI

    A survey of CONTROL DESIGN readers shows that although machine builders are using industrial-grade handhelds in their designs with varying amounts of success, most customers remain unimpressed.

  • How to tame unruly ramp function behavior

    Lead/lag filters are better-suited for many loop control situations in which ramping blocks were presumed best, and are being used more frequently as an alternative to properly handle potential problems.

  • You say FISCO, and I say FNICO

    Many process industries embrace fieldbus technology, but, when it comes to hazardous environment applications, machine and skid builders who work in that space often need alternatives to those solutions.

  • Does dual-core processing have advantages?

    Now that dual-core processors are available from AMD and Intel, does anyone think there could be task management performance advantages using a dual-core solution? Find out in The Answer to Your Problems.

  • DIN-rail CPUs complete automation solution

    This Product Exclusive introduces DIN-rail-mount slice I/O modules to the U.S. market. The modules operate as a controller when connected to an external CPU, and can be customized.