August 2006 Issue


CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • The drive to servo-centric packaging machines

    The need for more flexibility is driving pharmaceutical manufacturers to servo-centric packaging machines, but concerns remain about validation and the blue screen of death with PC-based controls.

  • Tale of the long tail, Part 2

    In part two of this two-part column, small machine builders in the long tail market, and their suppliers, are using the Internet in a way that lets them enjoy the same service as their larger brethren.

  • Automation road trip

    At a tradeshow, we often don’t get the time, attention, and focus of vendors if we’re not an existing customer. At AutomationXchange, anyone with an automation initiative is important.

  • Show us your RTOS

    An informal poll of Machine Builder Nation shows most respondents in all operating system speed classes say they’re largely satisfied with their stated OS performance, or at least satisfied enough for now.

  • MV transmitters: Help or hindrance?

    Although various types of multivariable transmitters have been around for some time, their value to the skid builder has been mixed, especially in terms of their effect on faster, more reliable installations.

  • 2006 Salary Survey Results Show Pay Is Up

    Salary increases and a healthy optimism among machine control professionals are the highlights of our 2006 Salary and State-of-Mind Survey. Check out all the data and our series of interviews here.

  • Survey on real-time operating systems

    We're trying to get a better understanding of the real-time operating systems (RTOS) decisions being made by machine builders using PC-based control with or without third-party RTOS kernels.

  • You Can Compete on a Global Scale

    Global Trends Cause Problems and Create Seemingly Unfair Advantages, but Also Provide Opportunities for U.S. Machine Builders to Have a Big Impact

  • Expect to win

    It's easy to make plans that appear to validate that what we do is well-conceived, but unless those actions are measured, tested and challenged, they usually have little value and can end up in a drawer.

  • DAQ systems, loggers and recorders show off

    A roundup of products new to the market shows advances in data loggers, digital recorders and complete DAQ systems are making it easier for machine builders to use in distributed DAQ applications.

  • How should we secure the operator panel?

    A reader wants to know if they shopuld be looking for fingerprint or retina scanners or the like when upgrading security features, and if they are cost-effective compared to more traditional security measures.