October 2006 Issue


CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • Is RFID technology a real need?

    Machine builders might be better off to put their money on improving existing installations and new machines for new plants rather than worrying about jumping into the RFID circus.

  • Great expectations

    If you don’t try to approach a level of expected reliability with your more knowledgeable customers, you might find that if you need a new machine and don’t buy it, you pay for it without ever getting it.

  • Outsourced engineering, Part II

    Is executing the design, startup, and support for your control, instrumentation, and electrical systems with internal resources always the right approach? Find out in this month’s installment of Machine Builder Mojo.

  • Software as a service

    With the degree of change on some software platforms, paying huge dough for a product you will use sparingly really is pretty outrageous, making Internet access not just an option, but a necessity.

  • Palletizer plugs and plays with packaging software

    This month’s OEM Spotlight shines on a Germany-based OEM’s design of a mobile palletizer that could be moved from one production line to another, and integrated into production flows quickly and easily.

  • Autonomous cooperating agents

    Industry expert Ernst Dummermuth discusses the working of autonomous cooperating systems to achieve overall process performance characteristics and provides a real-world example to the theories.

  • Terminal Blocks and I/O Grow Up

    Several Trends Occurring in the Design and Development of These Products Are Used by Machine Builders for Their Control Applications

  • The right HMI tool for the job

    HMI software packages designed to run efficiently on PDAs don’t have all the features of their big brothers, but most of them have more than enough functionality for remote monitoring and control.

  • System integrators bring value

    The most-often overlooked factor in selecting a system integrator to implement technologies or platforms new to the machine builder is their willingness to transfer knowledge and deliver source code.

  • Virtual Expo deepens product details

    DirectIndustry.com provides a virtual industrial exhibition accessible in five languages. This B2B site presents a large collection of industrial equipment and components available on the international market.

  • Should we switch to PC-based control?

    A supplier of machines to the contract liquid-filling industry seeks advice on whether it should augment its PLC controls with a PC-based HMI or convert entirely to PC-based control to obtain needed connectivity.