IN Winter 2007 Issue

Industrial Networking magazine is all about the design and implementation of networked systems in industrial environments. From wireless Ethernet to process buses to device networks, Industrial Networking examines how OEMs, discrete manufacturers, and process plants can begin to take full advantage of networked system architectures in their manufacturing environments.




  • Multiple choices

    The many flavors of Ethernet and wireless are trendy, but it’s the underlying acceptance and adoption of fieldbuses that pushes users to find some tasty and unexpected applications.

  • Tolerate less redundancy

    Today, with Foundation fieldbus, the old redundancy paradigm no longer applies. Chances are, though, it isn’t free. So where should you apply it to achieve the fault tolerance you need?

  • The truth will set you free

    One part of a well-planned tactical assault on potential customers seems to include making your web site a place for customers to painlessly contribute to, comment and critique what you make, deliver, and support.

  • Maintaining connections

    There are plenty of issues that cause network headaches, but never assume your electrical subcontractor is familiar with routing and terminating network connector cables, even if they do it all the time.

  • Wireless aids molding machine ERP

    When reconfiguration or relocation of machines is required due to product demand, any associated disconnection and reconnection of the ERP system—sometimes involving rewiring—can be daunting.

  • Same ol’ song and no dance

    From a vendor’s perspective, legacy is innovation’s worst companion, and according to Industrial Networking columnist Jeremy Pollard, it’s very difficult to be innovative if it leaves the installed base behind.


  • First ZigBee-certified products available

    The ZigBee Alliance, a global interest group of companies creating wireless solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications, announced the first group of ZigBee Certified Products, marking what it calls a major milestone in the alliance’s journey toward creating an open, global, wireless sensor and control networking solution.

  • NEMA Publishes Cable-Tray Install Guide

    The National Electrical Manufac­turers Association (NEMA) recently published its “VE 2-2006, Cable Tray Installation Guidelines, 3rd Edition,” a practical guide for proper installation of cable-tray systems. The guide addresses shipping, handling, storing, and installing cable-tray systems, and includes information on maintenance and system modification.