IN Spring 2007 Issue

Industrial Networking magazine is all about the design and implementation of networked systems in industrial environments. From wireless Ethernet to process buses to device networks, Industrial Networking examines how OEMs, discrete manufacturers, and process plants can begin to take full advantage of networked system architectures in their manufacturing environments.



  • Ins and outs of remote I/O deployment

    The March cover story for Industrial Networking summarizes data from the recently published Remote I/O study that indicates which market segments have the strongest growth in use of remote I/O.

  • Bus War III: Process meets motion

    If you work in a process plant, you likely have a few motion applications. In this article, Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert, PE, provides a general overview of the various motion networks competing today.

  • Come together

    Integration of plant-floor, building, physical security, and enterprise network means more changes for unathorized access and more need for intelligent security, cooperation, and training.

  • Get into enclosures

    Housing for control and automation devices and networks is evolving right along with the devices they contain, so it's even more important now to choose the appropriate enclosure for your application. Here's how.

  • On the same page

    Many plant-floor engineers and IT technicians report they’re coming to a new appreciation of the efficiencies and savings that can be generated by simply integrating their industrial and corporate networks.

  • Physical-layer diagnostics

    In this installment of Parity Check, process control specialist John Rezabek explains the difficulties of getting a quality installation of physical-layer hardware for fieldbus diagnostics.


  • ODVA, SERCOS, FDT play nice

    The organizations will develop and establish conformance testing for devices implementing CIP Safety on SERCOS to help ensure compliance with the collective body of specifications, and enable interoperability of these devices in multi-vendor systems.

  • Study group accelerates 100 Gig Ethernet

    The decision by the IEEE 802.3 study group continues to validate the industry’s belief in Ethernet’s long tradition of increasing speed in increments of 10x.

  • BP, Emerson wireless projects acknowledged

    Working collaboratively, the BP/Emerson team developed the first intrinsically safe, mote-based system to capture measurements in BP’s challenging refinery environments.

  • Will wireless do robot control?

    The development of more intelligent and easy-to-operate robots will begin to drive the development towards improved control and interface capabilities between humans and robots.