April 2007 Issue


CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • Does technology drive inequality?

    The worldwide demand for manufactured goods can’t match the growth in productivity. Manufacturing employment and the middle-class jobs associated with it inevitably must decline.

  • They Killed Captain America

    Editor in Chief Joe Feeley laments the recent demise of Captain America and sees parallels to Machine Builder Nation’s own version of a superhero gang war for a piece of the global market.

  • In a Flash: Innovator Awards 2007

    Our second-annual Innovator Award winners and their machines were chosen based on end users who decided whether they caught lightning in a bottle for their applications or just a lightning bug.

  • There’s safety in machines

    Of all the machine automation topics we're writing about in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, machine safety arguably has witnessed more change than any other subject we've covered.

  • Motion control on the go

    New products editor Patti Pool asked a few motion control vendors what they think are the trends in motion control devices. Find out what she learned in this month's Product Roundup.

  • Service—Here today, gone tomorrow

    Embedded Intelligence columnist Jeremy Pollard, CET, says warranties are a necessary part of any business and that a good customer will most certainly get a better deal. What’s your policy?

  • Eight heads are better than one

    This installment of OEM Spotlight shines on a stone/edge polish machine builder that combined motion control with 13 spindles to develop a dream machine that allows it to perform its job in one pass.

  • How to ease into using RSS feeds

    We came across a helpful explanation of RSS in one of our sibling publications, Plant Services, and thought we should pass it on as a little different piece of OEM Insight you can use to better gather information.

  • We need standards advice

    A reader wants to know what the European and Asian equivalents to UL, NEC, and NFPA are. And what about WEEE and RoHS? Find out the answers and learn where you can go for help regarding standards.

  • This Month at ControlDesign.com

    Find the reliable information you've come to expect from editors, along with links to useful online articles and whitepapers from the OEM community

  • Advances in handheld HMI

    With the expanded capabilities of handheld HMIs, the functionality of built-ins can be obtained, but with some portability and less cost. Read how in this latest installment of Tech Flash.