May 2007 Issue


CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • Redesign keeps painting robot safe—off the floor

    The quest for a better, safer paint job led this manufacturer to redesign its traditional spray-bell machines, which atomized paint in the shape of a bell, to its first robot on a standard meter-wide pedestal.

  • Are wireless sensors ready for me?

    A reader wants to know what his best options are for reliable, and easily connectable wireless sensors for vibration monitoring, temperature and presence sensing, and other monitoring and control applications.

  • Manage diagnostic data

    This is an excerpt from reliability expert Daryl Mathers’ article at’s sister site It provides a practical end-customer viewpoint on diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  • Precise cutting kept well in-hand

    This global designer and manufacturer of ultra-high-pressure waterjet systems helped develop a full-featured, water-resistant pendant that works with its PC-based motion control system.

  • Why isn'’t it safe?

    There are a lot of options to consider when addressing machine safety issues, but as Control Design Editor in Chief Joe Feeley learned at the virtual corner tavern, the end result can be worth it.

  • Mix-and-match machine safety

    In our May cover story, Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, takes a practical look at the convergence of safety-related devices and networks with their machine control counterparts.

  • ePaper is coming

    In this installment of Machine Builder Mojo, Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert, PE, says that although eBook devices are fairly new, it’s easy to envision a future in which we use them as readily as e-mail.

  • What's New in May on Our Site?

    Find the reliable information you've come to expect from our editors, along with links to useful online articles and whitepapers from around the industrial OEM community for May 2007

  • Motion control: The past 10 years

    As we continue towards our 10th anniversary in June, Contributing Editor Loren Shaum reviews the changes that have happened over the past decade with drives, motors and motion controllers.

  • The search for secure data

    Embedded Intelligence columnist Jeremy Pollard, CET, is not declaring that encryption isn’t safe, but it’s only software, so how much can an insider make by selling the algorithms to the competition?

  • Cabinet-free, field-mountable CPU

    In the past, OEMs and end users had no choice but to specify cabinet-mounted programmable controllers for their machine automation.

  • Modularity for embedded machine control

    When making choices about machine controls, nearly every machine builder and its customers agree on one thing: machines have to be more modular and the controls more compact and more distributed.

  • Let’s open up RFID

    As a researcher, you want to look at what’s going on under the hood, but the things you may find to improve performance can’t always be tested because everything is proprietary.

  • PC control breaks blow-molding mold

    This case history expands upon the story behind one of our 2007 Innovator Award winners who reinvigorated a thirty-year-old rotary blow molding machine with new PCs to boost I/O speed and flexibility.