August 2007 Issue


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  • Reliability Demands a Plan

    This is a condensed version of reliability consultant Ricky Smith’s article posted at’s sister site Written from the end user viewpoint, you’ll find the full text at

  • Should We Switch to Servos?

    In this installment of The Answer, a reader learns that to achieve accurate positioning using steppers in machine centers they now need to operate more slowly, but are there advantages in changing to AC servos?

  • When RTOS Really Is Needed

    Real Time Operating Systems Require Machine Builders and Integrators to Make Choices Regarding Their Use

  • Beyond the Wallet

    According to our annual survey, money isn't everything. Keeping up with the latest technological innovations can be what financially separates machine control professionals in mid-career.

  • Practical Device Networks

    With Intelligent Devices and Lower-Level Networks, Machine Builders Can Build and Commission Faster, and Provide More Reliable Performance

  • One Size Fits None

    Global Markets Demand Tailored Automation Systems. How Much Customization Is Enough? If left to their own devices, automation professionals at machine builder companies would use one automation system worldwide.

  • FPGAs Outpace ASICs

    What sorts of machine builder apps are best suited to FPGAs? Machine builders often need to add custom, high-performance functionality to their automation systems and to gain high-speed functionality, this customization must be implemented in hardware rather than software.

  • CDAX’s Real Relationships

    The Internet has become so pervasive by now that all troubleshooting and technical support should happen there, right? Do all machine builders need the same level of service? Perhaps not, but could this be considered a competitive advantage?

  • HMIs at AutomationXchange

    AutomationXchange gives machine builders a chance to share best practices with one another, our latest discussion was centered around human-machine interface (HMI) software. read more on the subject here.

  • DVI Endorses OMAC Guidelines

    DVI announced the endorsement of the OMAC Guidelines by the DVI Automation Circle. This increases recognition of the OMAC Guidelines with European end-users and OEMs.

  • Reader Feedback: Data Recovery Better Than You Think

    Read what CONTROL DESIGN readers and web site visitiors have to say in Feedback. We welcome all comments, suggestions, criticism and praise. We're particularly fond of the praise, but we really do value the criticism.

  • New Tools for You

    Our content creation is based on what you, as machine control technology users, tell us are the important issues for which you need information, and now you can call our voice mail and tell us what's important to you.