September 2008 Issue


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CONTROL DESIGN is the only industrial automation magazine dedicated to the automation information needs of industrial machine builders, those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the machines that make industry work.



  • Prototyping of the Virtual Type

    Digital Simulation Tools Can Integrate Functional Areas of Design, Improve Product Quality, Maximize Throughput and Reduce Time to Market

  • Open Network Options

    Real Openness and Some New OPC Glue Enable Industrial Network Interoperability

  • As the World Bulges

    The Cost of Moving Goods, Not Tariffs, Is the Largest Barrier to Global Trade Today

  • Follow the Money to Find the Truth

    Can Anyone Be Surprised That Virtually All Government Studies, Both Direct and Funded, Conclude That Global Warming Is Indeed Occurring and Will Be a Huge Catastrophe if Something Is Not Done?

  • Head of the Pack

    The 2008 Roster of Readers’ Choice Award-Winning Fast Companies Has Grown. Service Scores Indicate a Tune-Up Might Be Needed